• CAD Interoperability for design
  • CAD Interoperability for Simulation
  • CAD Interoperability for tooling

May, 13 2015 - Actify announced the release of their CAD viewer. SpinFire 10.8 contains the following updates:

  • CatiaV5-6R2014 (R24)
  • Creo 3.0
  • Inventor 2015
  • JT 10
  • NX 10
  • Parasolid V27
  • SolidEdge ST7
  • SolidWorks 2015

Spinfire 10.8 release is immediatly available for download for customers under maintenance.

SpinFire Ultimate: Coming Soon

In June 2015, Actify will be releasing the next evolution of SpinFire Professional ...SpinFire Ultimate!

  • SpinFire Ultimate introduces:
  • 64-bit architecture
  • Considerable speed and performance enhancement (larger models)
  • Multiple CAD files open in a single session
  • Handling both Tesselated and Precise models
  • Shattered assembliesSmart dimensioningUp to 3 section cutting planes
  • PMI and GD&T support for major CAD formats
  • Enhanced search
  • Shadow and reflection features
  • New features such as, calculate the volume of a 3D void (open cavity)
  • And more...

Note: All SpinFire customers under maintenace will be able to upgrade their existing SpinFire Professional licenses to SpinFire Ultimate at no additional charge and even run both versions in parallel.