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DraftWare announced the release of  DraftView for CADDS version 5, the latest version of his visualization and migration for CADDS software.

DraftView reads your CADDS  data directly, without requiring a native license. DraftView is the most complete solution available for managing CADDS data. Designs are displayed completely, as they appeared in the source CAD system, with all 3D and 2D entities, parametric or explicit. View, print, or export your drawing from the convenience of Microsoft Windows, without the restrictions of UNIX or DOS requirements. DraftView has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. It can be installed and licensed on individual PCs, or "floated" from a network server

In many cases the solution for legacy CAD data is translation into other CAD systems. DraftView can export drawings using the popular DXF format. DXF exports can be done individually as needed, or in "batch", by the thousands. A dedicate module have been developed to ensure the DXF file will be correctly read into Catia V5. Catia V5

Avec DraftView vous pouvez exporter vos dessins CADDS vers d'autres systèmes de CAO en utilisant le format DXF. L'export peut être réalisé via l'interface utilisateur ou en batch. Une option spécifique a été créée pour palier aux lacunes de l'import DXF de Catia V5. To overcome some incompatibility with space model support in Catia V5, the DXF file is deeply transform to make it readable into Catia V5, without any lost of drawing informations.

DraftView for CADDS is now available in french.


DraftView for CADDS can be installed on a standalone machine or on a remote server. Licenses are floating  with 2 standalone licenses minimum, same price. Catia V5 module is an add-on to the standard product including the DXF export.

Microsoft Windows Version®
Standalone or floating (mini 2)
Price per license (without maintenance)
Description/Volume 1 2-3 4-6 7+
DraftView for CADDS Lite
(Viewer and print only)
425 € 305 € 245 € 200 €
DraftView for CADDS Standard
(including CADDS to DXF)
525 € 380 € 300 € 245 €
Optionnal module for Catia V5 compatibility
(Add-on for CADDS to DXF)
450 € 325 € 260 € 210 €

Prices are shown in Euros without taxes and may change without notice.

Ask for a DraftView for CADDS demo version for free during 30 days.