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CADfix Morphing

The latest version of the world's leading 3D CAD repair & healing software is now available

Paris, Tuesday, January 26th 2016. ITI TranscenData announced today the release of CADfix 10 SP2, the latest edition of its leading CAD interoperability tool which tackles the ever present problems of 3D model data exchange and re-use between different engineering applications. CADfix allows the user to import CAD data, efficiently repair and adapt it, and export in the most suitable form for reuse in the downstream system, eliminating the need for expensive CAD model rework.


Some of the many enhancements in CADfix 10 SP2 include:

  • Enhancements to Import/Export
    • CAD system updates (Inventor 2016)
    • New Creo 3.0 native (.prt) export
    • New PLMXML import
    • Import/export of material properties
  • Assemblies
    • Support for mixed units assemblies
    • Improved assembly tree handling
  • Wizard
    • Better control over mass property calculations
    • Improved smart healing
  • Build/Defeaturing/Simplification
    • Much improved welding tool, now with a Find action
    • Support for generating lofted surfaces with guide rails
    • Improved robustness of Boolean tools
  • Morph
    • More robust mesh to geometry matching stage
    • Improved deformed NURBS generation
    • GUI
    • New hidden parts display mode
    • New selection filter for “similar bodies”
  • API (CFI)
    • Extensive enhancements to C/C++/Java/Python API
    • New support for dynamic loading of custom plugins
  • Misc.
    • Cross-platform .fbm support

We recommend that all CADfix 10 users download and install service pack 2.

The new product release is available immediately worldwide and current CADfix customers can easily upgrade to version 10 SP2