• CAD Interoperability for design
  • CAD Interoperability for Simulation
  • CAD Interoperability for tooling

Actify announced the release of SpinFire Ultimate 11.2. SpinFire Ultimate supports files created in any major CAD file format, such as the latest versions of Catia V5 and Unigraphics NX just to name a few, allowing users in the manufacturing industries and their supply chains to use a single software solution enabling them to view, measure, mark-up and share all major 2D and 3D data formats without needing to purchase and maintain seats of native CAD systems. This streamlines the communication process and allows for paperless distribution of complex product data, ultimately increasing productivity and cutting costs.

Added Features

  • Model Compare
  • Draft Angle Analysis
  • Offset Sectioning (stepped sectioning)
  • 3D Mouse support
  • Two Edge Intersection Point measurement
  • 2D Stamps
  • Camera rotation undo/redo
  • Color change undo/redo
  • Section Profile (formerly known as X Section Plus)
  • 3D Auto-Spinning
  • And more...


SpinFire Ultimate 11.2 can be installed side-by-side with previous versions of SpinFire, such as the 10.x release. 

Upgrading to 11.2

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate to 11.2 launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions.

SpinFire Ultimate 11.2 is now available and pricing starts at 466€, maintenance included. A free trial version of SpinFire Ultimate is available for download at www.actify.com. All SpinFire customers under maintenace will be able to upgrade their existing SpinFire Professional licenses to SpinFire Ultimate at no additional charge and even run both versions in parallel. As a reminder, you may view a feature comparison matrix between SpinFire Ultimate and SpinFire Professional to help determine if it’s appropriate for you to upgrade.