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The latest version of the world's leading 3D CAD repair & healing software is now available

Paris, Wednesday, August 31st 2016. ITI TranscenData announced today the release of CADfix 11, the latest edition of its leading CAD interoperability tool which tackles the ever present problems of 3D model data exchange and re-use between different engineering applications. CADfix allows the user to import CAD data, efficiently repair and adapt it, and export in the most suitable form for reuse in the downstream system, eliminating the need for expensive CAD model rework.

Some of the many enhancements in CADfix 11 include:

  • Enhancements to Import/Export CAD models
    • CATIA V5 Import/export versions up to V5-6R2016 (R26)
    • Inventor Import versions up to 2016
    • SolidWorks Import versions up to 2016
    • ACIS Import/export versions up to V26
    • Parasolid Import/export versions up to 28.0
  • Wizard Process
    • Mass property control at Wizard stages included into the GUI
    • Improved healing performance and success rate
  • Diagnostics
    • Diagnostics extended with a Facet fixing subsection
      • Low facet count check
      • Invalid facets
      • Holes
      • Zero-area facets
      • Folded facets
      • Intersecting facets
      • Voids
    • Improved non-tangent face display
    • More accurate folded NURBS test
  • Defeaturing/Simplification
    • Faster, more robust fillet removal tool
    • Improved chamfer finding tool
  • Applications
    • Facet manager : New facet/facet intersection and split tool
  • Morph
    • Improved mesh to geometry matching stage
      • Automatically handle split lines
      • Support for closed surfaces
      • New option to control handling of mid-side nodes
      • Support added for QUAD elements in deformed mesh
    • Higher success rate and better quality results
  • General
    • Meshing
      • More accurate mesh nodes through double precision
      • Improved storage and management of division controls
      • Manual matching of foreign mesh to parent geometry
      • Mesh control improved to handle manual mesh
      • Incremental meshing
      • Faster mesh handling
    • Database size : Smaller .fbm size with new compressed format

We recommend that all CADfix users download and install release 11.

The new product release is available immediately worldwide and current CADfix customers can easily upgrade to version 11.