• CAD Interoperability for design
  • CAD Interoperability for Simulation
  • CAD Interoperability for tooling

Actify announced the release of SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0. SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0 is a general release to add MS-Office Integration and 2D features.

SpinFire Ultimate 11.5.0 contains the following added features and notable Changes:

  • Added Features
    • MS-Office Integration
    • 2D Call Outs
    • 2D and 3D Grid and Rulers
    • Shortcut Toolbar
    • SolidEdge 2D support
  • Notable Changes
    • Show Only Graphics button
    • Performance Improvements
    • Wall Thickness Improvements
    • Add support for 3MF export for 3D printing
    • Add Line Thickness option for HPGL

Upgrading to 11.5

To upgrade SpinFire Ultimate to 11.5.0, launch and run the SpinFire.x64.msi (or the SpinFire.x64.exe) and follow the installation wizard instructions.

For more information on 11.5.0 including added improvements, all of the issues that were addressed in this release, and known issues, please visit the release notes found here: