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CADfix 11 SP1’s curved facet slicer generates more accurate slices faster

We have seen an increased need for reliable and innovative slicing of 3D CAD model geometry for additive manufacturing. The CADfix slicer now has improved capabilities using curved facets to better match the geometry being sliced. Along with curved slices, a robust method for detecting multiple loop slices has been added to reduce the failures when generating slices containing holes or other internal CAD features. These new additions to the slicing algorithm also benefit from parallelisation of the slicer, which ultimately results in highly accurate slices being generated considerably faster than in previous versions of CADfix. A new prototype hatching tool also allows CAM users to generate variable radius toolpaths based on our Medial Axis Transform technology, that can be exported to a CL file for downstream use.

Prototype hatching tool with variable radius offsets