CAD validation : CADIQ 10 released

May 18, 2017 – ITI announces the release of CADIQ 10, the latest edition of the leading CAD model validation application. CADIQ identifies model-based design (MBD) issues that adversely impact downstream processes, such as tooling, simulation, manufacturing, and model re-use in the supply chain..

CADIQ compares CAD models of various formats to identify geometric shape, quality, annotation and PMI saved view differences introduced by engineering changes, translation or manual remodeling. It highlights shape differences in form, mass properties, surface geometry and topology. Quality defects that impede analysis, manufacturing or data exchange processes are clearly identified with no extraneous information. CADIQ analysis uses the native programming interface of each CAD system to maximize accuracy and robustness. Excel statistics are automatically generated to support process quality control. All functionality is available in a command line interface for integration into PLM systems.

The following improvements to the comprehensive validation of CAD geometry and PMI can be found in CADIQ 10 :

  • Improved diagnostic results and performance for complex models
  • Enhanced Creo interface to support analysis of a named assembly family table instance
  • Enhanced 3D PDF (PRC) interface to split disjoin shape faces
  • Enhanced CADIQ 3D PDF reports to display diagnostic property changes (i.e. PMI text) in a text difference window
  • Enhanced CADIQ viewer to display diagnostic property changes (i.e. PMI text) in a text difference page
  • Enhanced batch summary reports for assembly and MBD jobs
  • Enhanced CATIA V5 CADIQ Embedded Launcher copy viewpoint to activate Capture from CADIQ Saved View results
  • Enhanced NX CADIQ Embedded Launcher copy viewpoint to activate Model View from CADIQ Saved View results
  • Enhanced Creo CADIQ Embedded Launcher copy viewpoint to activate Combine State from CADIQ Saved View results
  • Enhanced CADIQ viewer to optionally show the model tree panel over the graphics windowSplit Tiny Round Faces into Tiny Inside Round and Tiny Outside Round tooling defect diagnostics
  • Split Incorrect Geometry Type into eleven more intuitive annotation semantic defect diagnostics
  • New tooling defect diagnostics: Tiny Post, Deep HoleNew annotation semantic defect diagnostics: Missing Diameter Symbol, Missing Radius Symbol, Missing Spherical Diameter Symbol, Missing Spherical Radius Symbol
  • New annotation graphic defect diagnostics: Far Away Annotation, Out of Plane Annotation
  • New toleranced geometry diagnostic: Thin Hole Wall (initial capability focused on detecting thin wall conditions for holes after accounting for variation allowed by its size and location tolerances)
  • New Check STEP Semantic PMI ValProp diagnosticsNew Validate STEP Semantic PMI ValProp diagnostics

CADIQ 10 also includes many other enhancements to its supported CAD interfaces including: CATIA V4 and V5, NX, Creo, Inventor, Solid Edge, SOLIDWORKS, Parasolid, ACIS, IGES, STEP,JT, 3D PDF (PRC and U3D).

CADIQ 10 is immediately available for customer under maintenance.