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Paris, Wednesday June 3, 2020 - today ITI announced the availability of the new version of CADfix PPS 3, the latest version of CAD model simplification and file size reduction solution. Below are highlighted the main enhancements of PPS 3 :

Import and Export

  • New CATIA V5 output in as either BREP (.CATpart) or CGR (.cgr).
  • New ability to merge models allowing several two models to be merged into one file.
  • New auto clean-up during import to allow more effective model simplification and better-quality models.
  • Support for latest CAD versions (See the Product availability matrix for details).

Model Attributes

  • New support for transparency allowing whole part, or individual faces to appear transparent.
  • Auto-simplification and batch
  • Improved results and performance providing greater accuracy and more consistent results.
  • New option to use a saved keep list. Utilizing filters to identify components by shape, size, label, etc.

 Manual tools

  • New Extrude face tool allowing a single face to be converted into a new/replacement body.
  • New facet decimation tool to reduce the facets count in existing faceted bodies.


  • New layout to help improve user interaction and workflow.
  • New model progress tool showing progress made in reducing model size.
  • Faster display and selection for smoother interaction.


  • New html help manual.
  • Updated tutorial exercises.


This new version of the product is immediately available for all customers under maintenance wishing to update CADfix to PPS3.

For more details on the CADfix CAD repair and CAD simplification solution, please refer to this page.