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Paris, Tuesday, March 2nd 2021. The latest version of the world's leading 2D & 3D CAD Viewer software is now available. KISTERS announced the release of 3DViewStation 2021.0, a major update including feature enhancements and CAD systems updates. 3DViewStation is available in several products : Desktop, WebViewer/VisShare, Automation server (KAS) and VR.

3DViewStation 2020.1 include:

  • Import 3D:
    • 3MF
    • Solidworks 2021
  • Import 2D
    • CATIA V6 / 3DEXPERIENCE R2021x
    • Solid Edge 2021
    • SOLIDWORKS 2021
    • UG NX: NX 1938, NX 1942, NX 1946
  • Export 2D
    • export all views incl. preview images to PDF
  • Export 3D
    • MineCraft
    • WaveFront OBJ
  • Fonctions & features
    • Support textures import for OBJ, FBX, GLB/GLTF, DAE, U3D, 3DVS, 3MF
    • Support textures export for 3DS, 3DVS
    • New undercuts option for draft angle analysis
    • Filled by geometry color for section
    • New method to create a section plane perpendicular to selected edge (section plane orientation follows contour of the edge)
    • Measurement : calculate minimum distance between several selections of solids
    • Measurement : snap mode for end or center of edges
    • Select all PMI attached to the selected geometry
    • BOM : Extend BOM table
    • BOM : Generate callout ID by attributes
    • BOM : Physical properties
    • Assign attributes to markups
    • Create intersection point of 2 edges
    • Offset lines can now remember transformation path
    • Position camera perpendicular to surface
    • Show current mouse coordinate in the status bar
    • Transformation for 2D
  • VR
    • 2 new fly modes
    • Improved teleport marker
    • Reposition camera in fix steps
    • Feedback message boxes
    • Help menu
  • WebViewer
    • share session between several users
  • VisShare
    • Mobile UI version for smartphones & tablets

With the current set of functions and features the 3DViewStation is the perfect tool for usage in sales, marketing, review processes, change management, work preparation, service applications, product configuration solutions and technical documentation on Windows Desktop, tablet-PCs and Smartphones. We recommend that all 3DViewStation users download and install release 2021.0.

The new product release is available immediately worldwide and current 3DViewStation customers can easily upgrade to version 2021.0.40. Complete release note is available here.

IMPORTANT: Network licensing (Floating) requires license server version 4.9.22 or higher.

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