Migrate Personal Designer to DXF

Migrate Personal Designer to DXF

With DratView for Personnal Designer you can export PD drawings to DXF format. This can be done individually, while viewing a drawing, or any number of drawings can be "batch" translated automatically. Both methods have a generous set of output options which control various aspects of DXF file creation.

A small Windows program is provided for batch DXF translating. Thousands of PD drawings can be processing in one shot. Depending on file size and complexity, DVPD2DXF can translate a DRW file into DXF in less than a minute. In most cases the translation time is a few seconds per DRW file.



  • Export PD as DXF, TIFF or JPG files
  • Batch Export PD as DXF
  • Command Line PD to DXF options
  • Export PD as PDF or HPGL files (via printer drivers)
  • Copy/Paste PD Images Into Other Windows Applications


Viewer features

  • Pan and Zoom
  • Layer Visibility Control
  • Print and Batch Print
  • Markup DRW file
  • Rotate 3D Model Views
  • Measure Distances (3D, 2D, intersections, endpoints, etc)
  • Verify Entity Information
  • Count Entities
  • View/Print: DWG, DXF, CGM, TIFF, JPG, CALS, HPGL and others



  • network or stand-alone license
  • Windows 7
  • Unix (SunOS, Solaris or HPUX)