Faster Large CAD Model Visualization with Shattered Assemblies Support

Spinfire Ultimate now supports fully shattered CAD assemblies, making the handling of large assemblies far easier and more efficient for SpinFire users. Spinfire Ultimate can also load a large assembly with great speed. As an example, an over 300 mb model loads in mere seconds.

Previously with SpinFire Professional, if a change was made to a component within a large assembly, the entire assembly had to be reformulated, this is known as a monolithic approach, which is a perfectly valid approach and has served well in the past. However, with CAD files and assemblies becoming larger and more complex, the monolithic approach has some significant limitations. Hence, the reason we have introduced fully shattered assemblies support in SpinFire Ultimate.

By using fully shattered assemblies, when a component is modified within a large assembly, the component that has undergone change is updated and inserted into the pre-existing assembly, hence saving considerable time.

Spinfire Ultimate Assy