VDA-FS (Verband der Automobilindustrie - Fl├ĄchenschnittStelle) is a CAD data exchange format defined by the VDA German organization. VDA-FS was mainly used for surface models interoperability between CAD systems. VDA-FS has been superseded by STEP.

CAD Interop distributes several softwares to view and translate VDA-FS files. Find below the list of our solutions compatible with VDA-FS format:

3DViewStation CAD Translation Automation Server
3DViewStation Desktop for CAD visualization
3DViewStation for CAD visualization in Virtual Reality
CAD Reuse for CAE with CADfix DX
CAD to mesh Simplification for VR/AR/MR with CADfix VIZ
CAD Translation, Healing and Repair with CADfix DX
Controlled & secured sharing of your CAD data without translation with VisShare
Online CAD visualization with 3DViewStation WebViewer
Simplify large CAD assemblies with CADfix PPS