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CAE analysts must ensure that geometric data is ideally suited for specialist applications. CAE users constantly face CAD model issues that cause meshing failures and have a significant negative impact on analysis lead times including:

  • Overly complex, badly defined and corrupt geometry
  • CAD model features such as fillets, small holes, short edges, small faces and other modeling artifacts that are valid in CAD but negatively impact and constrain meshability

Defeaturing with CADfix

Analysts can customize CADfix for different CAD sources and CAE packages. Customization of various functions includes:

  • Collapsing of short edges and sliver faces
  • Hole and protrusion removal
  • Joining of edges, faces and solids 
  • Fillet and round removal
  • Feature detection and removal
  • Topology imprinting for mesh consistency
  • Surface and solid splitting tools
  • Surface and solids meshing