JT data mix lightweight and precise geometry

JT format supports lightweight geometry representation or complete NURBS geometry representations in addition to product structure, attributes, meta data and PMI. It also supports compression and multiple tessellations with level-of-detail (LOD) generation:

  • Product Structure: assembly, part, instance
  • Facet: polygon, polygon set
  • Lighting: light set, point light, infinite light
  • Textures
  • Precise Geometry and Topology: point, curve, surface, face, loop, edge, vertex
  • Boundary representation (B-rep): JT B-rep or XT B-rep (Parasolid) format.
  • Geometry Primitives: box, cylinder, pyramid, sphere
  • Product Manufacturing Information (PMI): GD&T, 3D annotations
  • Attributes / Properties: text, integer, float, date, layers
  • Meta data: property filters, transforms, bounding box definitions