STEP import and export capabilities with CADfix

The CAx Implementor Forum (CAx-IF) is a group of software developers and vendors working on STEP ISO 10303. ITI Transcandata is an active CAD-IF participant since 1999.

Each participant translates a reference set of CAD models into STEP Part 21 file format. The STEP file is checked to ensure that it is syntactically, structurally, and semantically, correct. The other CAx-IF participants download each STEP file and translate it into their native system and run various diagnostics to check the semantic validity and quality of the information exchanged.

CADfix capabilities regarding STEP support with last in production release are available on the following table

Recommended Practices
Functionality for CADfix
AP203 E2 ImportAP203 E2 ExportAP214 IS (2001) ImportAP214 IS (2001) ExportAP214 E3 (2010) ImportAP214 E3 (2010) ExportAP242 ImportAP242 Export
      Wireframe X X X X X X X X
      Geom. Bounded Surface Model X X X X X X X X
      BREP Solid X X X X X X X X
      3D Tessellated             X  
Assembly Structure
      Assembly Structure X X X X X X X X
      Mapped_Item X   X   X   X  
Composite Material
Model Styling
      Solid Color X X X X X X X X
      Face Color X X X X X X X X
      Overriding Face Color X X X X X X X X
      Edge / Curve Color X X X X X X X X
      Overriding Edge Color X X X X X X X X
      Point Styling X X X X X X X X
      Curve Style X X X X X X X X
      Layer X X X X X X X X
Assembly Instance Styling
Material Identification and Density
      Material as Property                
      Density as Material Property                
External References
      Simple External References X   X   X   X  
      Nested External References                
      External Element References
            L1: From one file to one other file                
      Document as Product Approach                
AP242 BO Model XML Assembly Structure
Geometric Validation Properties
      Original GVP (Volume, Area, Centroid)                
      Independent Curve Length                
      Independent Curve Centroid                
      Bounding Box / Model Size                
      GVP at Geometry Level                
Assembly Validation Properties
      Number of Children                
      Notional Solids Centroid Position                
STEP File Compression
Supplemental Geometry
      Bound Geometry Elements                
      Unbound Geometry Elements                
      Points and Axis Placements                
User Defined Attributes
      Attributes at Part/Product Level                
      Attributes at Geometry Level                
      Attributes at Assembly Component Instances                
      Descriptive / String Attributes                
      Value Attributes (no unit, e.g. count, ratio, boolean)                
      Measure Attributes (with unit)                
      UDA Validation Properties                
Character-based Presentation
      3D Text (Text Strings)                
      Associative Text                
PMI Polyline Presentation
      Basic Polylines                
      Filled Polylines X       X   X  
      Polyline Styling X       X   X  
      Tessellated Polyline Presentation                
      Annotation Planes                
      Cross-Highlighting (Linking Annotations with Geometry) X       X   X  
      Basic Saved View X       X   X  
      Simple Section View (one cutting plane)                
      Linking PMI Presentation to Representation             X  
PMI Presentation Validation Properties
      Model level:
            Total Annotations per Model                
            Total Number of Views per Model                
      View level:
            Number of Annotations per View                
      Annotation Level:
            Polyline Curve Length                
            Polyline Centroid                
            Tessellated Length / Area                
            Tessellated Centroids                
PMI Representation
      Dimensions             X  
      Tolerances             X  
      Datums             X  
      Datum Targets             X  
      Labels / Notes             X  
      Tolerance Zone             X  
      Limits and Fits             X  
      Tolerance Modifiers             X  
      Composite Tolerances             X