CADfix makes it easier to convert and reuse CAD models between different CAD softwares by providing a comprehensive set of import, repair, preparation and export tools. Thanks to a wizard, the transformation process checks and corrects the model so that its definition and configuration are adapted for perfect reuse in the target application. CADfix also offers a panel of simplification tools (i.e. joining or collapsing geometry, removing small parts, fillets and rounds, holes, etc.) which are very popular in domains like digital simulation, plant and process, architecture, shipbuilding, or virtual reality ... .

CADfix is ​​available in 3 products:

  • CADfix DX: the most complete version intended for simulation and mechanical design professions
  • CADfix PPS: a lightweight version dedicated to the conversion and simplification of mechanical parts, factories and buildings
  • CADfix VIZ: a lightweight version dedicated to conversion to mesh applications and simplification for visualization in virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and Mixed reality (MR)

CADfix is ​​available either as a desktop application or as a server application with modular functionalities that can be extended according to the source or target systems requested. The application can be integrated into PLM solutions or data exchange automation solutions. CADfix can be embedded as a pre-processor for custom geometric translation, repair, de-featuring and meshing tools for proprietary, CAE-centric OEM applications.