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Paris, Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - ITI announces the release of CADfix Viz 2, the latest version of its solution for converting and simplifying CAD models to mesh. CADfix Viz maximizes the reuse of 3D digital assets for virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) applications. Let's explore in detail the new features of CADfix Viz.

CADfix VIZ Solution and the Challenges of Simplifying CAD Models for VR/AR/MR

Complex CAD models produce large mesh files with a high number of triangles, often hindering data reuse in VR / AR / MR applications. CADfix Viz generates a robust and high-quality mesh with a minimum number of triangles and reduced file size. The mesh can be simplified using a suite of simplification tools, removing certain unnecessary details to reduce the number of triangles. The conversion and simplification process is fully configurable, using different levels of detail (LOD). Thanks to CADfix Viz's batch processing, meshes containing multiple LODs can be rapidly generated without user intervention.

Complex CAD assembly automatically exported in different LODs (levels of detail)

CADfix Viz allows the import of multiple native CAD formats (Catia, Creo, NX...) or neutral formats (STEP, JTOpen...) and exports to numerous formats used in AR / VR / MR applications, such as FBX, glTF, and OBJ. CADfix Viz also exports to custom FBX files for use in Unreal and Unity applications, enabling seamless transfer of complex assemblies containing multiple LODs.

CAD features such as small objects, holes, ribs, and hidden internal objects add complexity and significantly increase mesh sizes. CADfix Viz automatically identifies and removes overly detailed model features to reduce both the mesh and file size. Meshes can be further simplified using ShrinkWrap tools to produce more rudimentary representations of components. Intelligent mesh decimation tools target complex areas of the model, prioritizing dense mesh regions where the greatest triangle reduction can be achieved with minimal geometric change.

CADfix Viz comes with an intuitive user interface that provides automated model processing, complemented by interactive tools for additional control. A command line processing option allows CADfix Viz to be integrated into automated workflows to further optimize the conversion process.

What's New in CADfix VIZ 2

CADfix VIZ 2 arrives with a series of enhancements and new features, designed to optimize and simplify CAD workflow processes. Whether you're an engineer, designer, or technician, these updates will help you work more efficiently and accurately. Let's take a closer look at these innovations.

Mesh Improvement

The generation and management of meshes have been significantly improved in this new version. These changes aim to increase robustness and quality for more precise modeling.

  • Enhanced mesh generation: Increased robustness with automatic refinement for narrow faces and thin walls, ensuring unprecedented mesh quality.
  • Optimized mesh algorithm: A revamped algorithm for improved mesh regularity, facilitating modeling and analysis.

Enhanced Simplification Tools

Simplifying your CAD models has never been easier. With improved tools and additional features, CADfix VIZ 2 makes simplification more intuitive and efficient.

  • Mid-surface tool: A new tool for creating and manipulating mid-surfaces, optimizing the modeling of complex parts.
  • Enhanced removal of holes and protrusions: Enhanced capabilities for removing holes and protrusions, allowing for more precise model cleaning.
  • Rapid internal detail removal: A faster method for eliminating unnecessary internal details, thus improving the efficiency of the simplification process.
  • Preservation of imported UV maps: Ability to maintain UV maps when importing files, ensuring continuity of textures and surface details.
  • Detection and removal of duplicate facetted bodies: A tool to identify and eliminate duplicates of facetted bodies, optimizing data management and reducing redundancy.
  • Pick similar for facetted bodies: "Pick similar" functionality for facetted bodies, allowing for easier selection and management of similar elements in a model.

Advanced Assembly Management

The management of assemblies is at the heart of many improvements, offering a smoother user experience and more powerful functionalities.

  • New compression fix to remove duplicates: An advanced feature for detecting and removing duplicate elements, thus improving the efficiency of assembly processing and data management.
  • Improved automatic construction from existing duplicated bodies: A smarter method for automatically reconstructing models using duplicated bodies, optimizing the modeling process and reducing work time.

Detailed Tolerance Control

CADfix VIZ 2 offers a significant improvement in modeling tolerance management. This new feature provides increased user control over CADfix tolerances, allowing for more tailored and precise treatment of models, regardless of their size:

  • CADfix tolerance control: Users now have the ability to customize the tolerance system in CADfix VIZ 2. This is crucial for effectively treating models of different scales, whether exceptionally large or small.
  • Selection of tolerance scheme: This feature offers users a choice between an automatic (default) mode, a fixed mode, or a user-defined mode. This allows for greater flexibility and ensures that tolerances are tailored to the specific needs of each model.
  • Absolute mode: A significant new introduction is the absolute mode, which sets the tolerance and, consequently, many default parameters to a fixed value. This mode is particularly useful for treating multiple models with the same parameters and settings, thus ensuring consistency in processing, regardless of the model size.

Expanded Import/Export Options

The import and export of files have been greatly enhanced, with extended compatibility and additional features for maximum flexibility.

  • Support for recent CAD formats: Ensures compatibility with the latest versions of popular CAD software.
  • USD export and UV maps: New options for more comprehensive integration into various environments.

In conclusion, CADfix VIZ 2 represents a major advancement in the field of CAD model conversion and simplification for VR, AR, and MR applications. With its numerous improvements, such as optimized mesh generation, enriched simplification tools, advanced assembly management, and detailed tolerance control, this new version offers unparalleled flexibility and efficiency. It facilitates the reuse of 3D digital assets, while reducing file sizes and improving mesh quality. The intuitive user interface, combined with expanded import and export options, makes CADfix VIZ 2 essential for professionals looking to optimize their CAD workflows for VR, AR, and MR. With this release, ITI reaffirms its commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of the virtual and augmented reality industries. Current customers under maintenance can now access this update, promising to transform the way they work with CAD models. For more information on CADfix VIZ and its CAD model conversion and simplification capabilities, visit the CADfix website.

This new version of CADfix VIZ 2 is immediately available for all customers under maintenance wishing to update CADfix VIZ. You can visit the following page for more details on CADfix's CAD Conversion and Simplification solutions.

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