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3DViewStation VR-Edition is an economical alternative to your Powerwall or CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment. By taking advantage of SteamVR or Windows-based features such as HTC Vive or Lenovo Explorer, our CAD viewer solution 3DViewStation VR-Edition lets you dive virtually into 3D models. 

Like all products in the 3DViewStation family, 3DViewStation VR even works to visualize large and complex  assemblies, such as vehicles, machines, or buildings, with our own rendering engine. 3D models can be displayed in real size or can be resized to fit the environment. You can move around virtually within the model or "beam" into a new position. Objects can be hidden or moved. This allows you to lift an entire car to inspect it underneath. You can also select individual parts to try a mounting or dismounting process. To make cuts, simply point to an object to define the section plane, and then move the section plane. In 3DViewStation VR, you can also use many of the available features of our Desktop and WebViewer versions such as measurements (lines, circles) and powerful analysis functions such as wall thickness analysis and draft angle analysis. Finally, 3DViewStation Desktop can be used as a preparation tool to create, for example, a series of views that you can browse during a session in 3DViewStation VR.

3DViewStation Scenario