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SimLab-soft is a software company based in Amman, Jordan. Founded in 2006, it specializes in the development of simulation software for the automotive, aerospace and defense industries. SimLab-soft solutions allow engineers and designers to simulate their designs in 3D and virtual reality. The company continues to innovate by developing new technologies to improve the performance of its products and offer an ever smoother and more intuitive user experience.


Simlab is a 3D and virtual reality content creation solution for visualization, simulation, collaboration and animation. The solution is available in several software for PCs and laptops under Windows or MacOS as well as for tablets and smartphones under Android and iOS: SimLab Composer, SimLab Studio, Simlab VR Viewer and SimLab Collaboration.

CAD Interop and SimLab have built a partnership since 2022 to provide professionals from multiple industrial sectors with unique and cutting-edge solutions in the field of CAD interoperability and virtual reality visualization.

website: SimLab-Soft