Morphing geometry from CAE to CAD

This video present a CADfix functionality to transform a CAD geometry, using a deformed mesh created by CAE application. Click to watch the video.

The use case for this tool is when a designer wants to get a good quality CAD model of the deformed shape from a CAE analysis, to either be used in CAD or to be meshed again for another analysis process. Usually, this process involves making crude surface approximations based on a deformed mesh to generate a new CAD model and the quality is not good.

You need an original CAD model you would like to transform and CAE mesh with displacement results. The CADfix morphing process associates the nodes from mesh with the original geometry, and uses the nodal displacement vectors to morph the original CAD surfaces, using the original surface definitions as the starting point ensures accuracy, smoothness and continuity. CADfix gives an accurate morphed CAD surface rather than a poor quality approximate surface fit.

You will get 2 B-REP models : the original and the deformed geometry. The deformed geometry perfectly match the deformed mesh.