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Document any quality defects in the design model to set appropriate expectations for the reusability of the archive data. Verify that any derived forms of the design model, e.g. STEP, are equivalent in quality and shape to the master model. If using STEP, add validation properties to the STEP model which can be used by a future recipient to validate that a future translated (imported STEP) CAD model is equivalent to the master model. These validation properties could also be used to verify the equivalence of any archive data format conversions which are required to maintain the archive over time.


Long Term Archival Process

  1. During Archival process, CADIQ Compare native source model and STEP file created by any CAD interface.
  2. Cloud Of PointS (COPS) may be generated by CADIQ or any other solution and integrate in the STEP file candidate for Long Term Archival.
  3. During Retrieval process, CADIQ compare native target model with COPS to validate there is no deviation with native source model. In this way, the comparison is done regardless of archive format.