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CADfix Plant and Process Simplification (PPS) enables large CAD assembly conversion and simplification. Reducing file sizes makes it easier to use CAD models in plant and process design systems and shipbuilding software. With CADfix you increase the efficiency of your teams:

  • By reducing the work related to the simplification of CAD models by up to 70%.
  • By facilitating data manipulation thanks to models that are up to 90% less complex.

Lighter CAD models for easier reuse

CAD models are generally too detailed for direct integration into BIM, plant and process, shipbuilding or other design software. Large and complex CAD assemblies should be simplified by removing details, unnecessary or hidden parts before importing. This transformation also helps preserve intellectual property when data containing sensitive design information has to be shared with partners or subcontractors. With CADfix PPS, transformation and conversion are automatic.

Automatic CAD model transformation and conversion with CADfix PPS

With CADfix PPS, transformation and conversion are automated and configurable. The simplification process will leave enough detail to accurately represent the structure of the equipment and the outer shell while removing unwanted complex details and reducing the file size. The users can define in profiles the tools to be activated and their degree of simplification and execute the tasks either interactively for a model or in batch mode.

The Main Features of CADfix PPS:

  • Import of main native CAD formats like Catia, NX, SolidWorks or neutral DWG, Parasolid, Acis, STEP or JT ...
  • Elimination of unnecessary small items and invisible internal parts
  • Simplified parts as box or cylinder shape
  • Removal of unnecessary CAD model functions such as holes, logos and text ...
  • Removing design features such as fillets or chamfers
  • Division of solids
  • Decimation of dense meshes
  • Optimization of assembly structures and reorientation of model
  • Export as a simplified model in DWG, ACIS, STEP, Parasolid, Catia, JT, STL, 3DS, FBX formats

By using CADfix PPS, users with no CAD design software experience, can quickly and easily generate files that are lighter and reusable in their BIM or shipbuilding applications.

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