Create a ShrinkWrap from a complex model

CADfix provides many functionality to simplify a model. Shrink-Wrap tool transforms a complex assembly to a lightweight facet wrap. Click to watch the video.

A Shrinkwrap model is a model composed of a collection of facets that represents the exterior shape of a source model. You can use a part or an assembly as the source model.

Shrinkwrap models usually reduce disk and memory usage by more than 90 percent. This varies according to the complexity of the source model and the quality setting used to generate the Shrinkwrap model. Memory saving is considerable in assemblies with many internal components. When a low to mid range quality setting is used, the Shrinkwrap model collects a smaller number of facets and the resulting file is smaller. Create Shrinkwrap models to perform the following tasks:

  • Create a simplified representation of an assembly or complex parts by removing small features (remove holes or small extrusions ...)
  • Create a slight representation to improve display performance for viewing or collision detection.
  • Control the level of detail to share data with third parties.
  • Generate a simplified model for simulation or other applications

Shrink-Wrap models can be generated automatically or interactively. The following video will show you 2 different settings on a same assembly.