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2D CAD drawing migration is a crucial issue for many engineering departments still burdened with data in various formats. Rapid technological changes and evolving software quickly make this vital engineering data obsolete and hard to use. Discover how our expertise and conversion tools can assist you in modernizing and optimizing your 2D CAD data, thereby reducing your maintenance costs.

Challenges Associated with Legacy 2D CAD Drawing Formats

Engineering departments often have 2D data from different formats like CADDS, MicroCADDS, Personal Designer, or Catia. These drawings contain essential engineering data, but utilizing them becomes complex due to the obsolescence of CAD systems, operating systems, hardware, and dwindling human expertise.

Our Expertise Serving Your 2D CAD Drawing Migration

With several years of experience, our team offers deep knowledge of legacy systems and facilitates their portability to newer, more modern CAD formats. Using a wide array of conversion and validation tools built into our solutions, we help you efficiently migrate all your 2D drawings at a cost lower than maintaining obsolete systems.

Automating the Migration Process for Better Efficiency

At CAD Interop, we leverage our expertise to automate the migration process according to the 2D drawing's structure and desired format parameters. For companies lacking the required tools or knowledge, 2D drawing migration can be a lengthy and costly affair. As specialists in this field, we offer solutions tailored to your needs.

In addition to CAD data conversion solutions, CAD Interop offers specific solutions for different 2D data migration needs:

DraftView: Ideal for migrating CADDS or Personal Designer layout drawings, this tool focuses on 2D file conversion.
Proficiency: Designed for conversions that require retaining the construction history, Proficiency allows for migrating layouts associated with 3D models.

2D CAD drawing migration is essential for modernizing and optimizing your engineering data. By utilizing our expertise and conversion tools, you'll experience a faster, automated, and less expensive migration process. Don't wait to breathe new life into your 2D CAD data and optimize your operations.