Identify Minimum Distance between pipes and walls in a building

Band Analysis and Minimum Distance on 3D models with 3DViewStation

3DViewStation offers several tools for measuring distances, angles or lengths on models from several CAD systems. One of the advanced features of 3DViewStation is band analysis where bands of colors are created to illustrate in 3D the distances between geometries.

Unlike the Clash Detection feature which detects touching or penetrating objects, the Distance Analysis feature allows you to analyze distances between objects that do not touch or overlap. With 3DViewStation, you can import one or more models from different CAD systems like Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, STEP or JT, etc. in the same workspace and check the association of all these geometries.

The first method of verification is to find the minimum distance in an assembly. Very quickly, 3DViewStation detects the shortest distance between all objects or multiple object groups. a dimension will be automatically created at the place where the geometries are closest.

The second method is very useful for an ergonomics analysis, such as for example the critical areas between a steering wheel and the dashboard in a vehicle or between pipes and walls in a building. The calculation is again very fast and the result is presented in the form of a colored band, up to 6 bands per proximity distance. Distances and colors are configurable and each band is a new geometry independent of the original model which can be saved and exported to a neutral format like STEP, JT or 3D PDF.

distance analysis using band colors with 3DViewStation