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Identify Minimum Distance between pipes and walls in a building

Discover how 3DViewStation empowers users with an extensive toolbox for 3D visualization and analysis. Whether you are dealing with ergonomic evaluations, distance measurements, or intricate CAD model integrations, this is the solution that redefines your capabilities.

Effortless Integration of CAD Models

The ability to work across multiple CAD formats is crucial in today's diverse design environment. 3DViewStation excels in this area, offering comprehensive support for various formats such as Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, STEP, JT, and more.

  • Format Versatility: Support for a broad range of CAD formats.
  • Unified Workspace: Combine multiple CAD formats in a single interface.
  • Geometry Verification: Ensure model consistency and integrity.

Unveiling the Nuances of Distance Analysis

Understanding the spatial relationships between objects is crucial for effective design and planning. 3DViewStation's Distance Analysis feature provides an unparalleled look into these spatial nuances.

  • Gap Measurement: Automated calculations of shortest distances between objects.
  • Object Grouping: Ability to analyze distances between groups of objects.
  • Automated Marking: Immediate visual feedback through autogenerated measurements.

Band Analysis: A Leap in Ergonomic Evaluation

Ergonomics plays a significant role in design, particularly in spaces like vehicle interiors or building layouts. 3DViewStation offers a unique Band Distance Analysis feature that brings these ergonomic considerations to life.

  • Color Bands: Customizable color-coded results for easy interpretation.
  • New Geometry: The ability to save bands as new, independent geometries.
  • Export Capability: Export results in neutral formats like STEP, JT, or 3D PDF.

Unparalleled 3D Data Rendering

High-quality 3D data processing is a key asset for any modern design tool. 3DViewStation provides unmatched rendering capabilities, allowing users to view large, complex models in real-time with stunning visual quality.

  • Rendering Speed: Swift display of large and complex models.
  • Image Quality: Exceptional clarity and detail in visual output.
  • User Experience: Smooth, intuitive interface for enhanced productivity.

In summary, 3DViewStation is more than just software; it's an advanced system for 3D visualization and CAD analysis. It excels in ergonomics, distance analysis, and CAD model integration, among other features. CAD Interop, with its 25+ years of experience, proudly offers this cutting-edge solution to meet your complex CAD analysis needs.