CAD model compare with 3DViewStation

The simplest and the fastest solution to compare CAD model

3DViewStation is the simplest and fastest solution to compare two CAD models. The following video will present you 2 methodologies to compare CAD models in 3DViewStation. There are many scenarios: Revision comparison, CAD translation validation, change documentation ...

3DViewStation can compare two models from the same format or from different formats. Geometry can be precise (Native Catia V5, Pro-Engineer, NX, SolidWorks, STEP ...) or tessellated (3D PDF, JT, STL ...). There are 2 options to compare models in 3D ViewStation : 

1. Quick compare : The model will be load using precise or tessellate geometry. This option is the fastest. Differences are documented with colors. The precision control is dynamic.

2. Exact compare : The model must be import using precise geometry option. Differences are documented with colors and notes will be created in structure tree and store in Views. Transparencies control is dynamic.