CAD Translation Validation

Identify quality and shape changes introduced while translating a CAD model from a supplier or partner's design system into your design system. The translation method can be BREP translation, feature translation or manual remastering. When using neutral file exchange (IGES, STEP, Parasolid), identify if any changes are introduced during export or import. After manually remastering a model, compare design revisions to identify shape changes to guide manual updating of the remastered model (to avoid divergence). Compare translation methods to identify the best options.

The following PDF example have been generated automatically with CADIQ to compare a source Catia V4 model to his translated model in Catia V5. The CADIQ configuration have been set to document shape changes and quality defects. User can browse on source (left side) quality problem and on target quality problem and deviations (Right side), select a diagnostic type and select an item to zoom in on each change or defect. Properties gives all related information about quality problem or differences between V4 model and V5 model.

The template is fully customizable. You can change logo, add intellectual properties or add/remove buttons, 3D Windows and fields. Please make sure to get Adobe Reader X or above and to enable javascript after opening 3D PDF file