CAD Weight Reduction with CADfix


CADfix can quickly simplify large complex CAD assemblies and reduce file size for import into Process Plant and Ship Building software. This helps avoid multiple failed import attempts, saves precious project time and reduces non-productive CAD model rework. Most of these processes can be done in automatic. The CADfix simplification tool will leave enough detail to accurately represent the equipment structure and outer envelope, whilst removing unwanted intricate detail and reducing file size.

The CADfix simplification tools can be run in an automated batch process or with manual user interaction. General operations can be run in the automated environment, with manual interaction when the user requires greater control of the layout. Typical CADfix model simplification operations include:

  • Automatic remove small parts based on bounding box size
  • Automatic remove parts of similar shape and size to a selected item
  • Automatic remove internal detail
  • Simplify complex parts to minimum volume bounding boxes or cylinders
  • Remove holes, protrusions and internal cavities
  • Remove design features such as fillets, rounds and chamfers
  • Collapse or join entities such as short edges, narrow faces etc
  • Join faces or bodies
  • Delete user-selected entities
  • Simplify NURBS edges and surfaces to analytic forms or reduce NURBS complexity
  • Convert geometry to simplified lightweight forms