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When it comes to dealing with intricate CAD assemblies, the model file size can become an obstacle. Large CAD files can bring difficulties in importing them into software used in shipbuilding or plant design. Not only does this slow down the project but also increases costs.

Enter CADfix. A potent tool designed to minimize CAD model complexity and reduce file sizes effectively.

Advantages of Using CADfix

CADfix shines in saving valuable time by mitigating import failures and reducing unnecessary CAD model adjustments. Let's take a deeper dive into its features:

  • Automated Functionality: Most processes in CADfix can be run automatically, saving time and effort.
  • Preserved Detail: While eliminating unwanted complexities, CADfix retains enough detail to accurately represent the structure.

Operational Flexibility

Whether you prefer manual control or automated processes, CADfix has you covered. Here's how:

  • Batch Processing: CADfix tools can be set up to run automatically, allowing for hands-free operation.
  • User Interaction: For those who require more control, manual interaction is possible for finer adjustments.

Key Features of CADfix Simplification

Below are some of the functionalities that make CADfix an invaluable tool for CAD model simplification:

  • Small Part Removal: Automatically eliminates tiny components based on their bounding box size.
  • Shape-based Filtering: Deletes parts that are similar in shape and size to a chosen item.
  • Internal Detail Elimination: Autonomously removes inner intricacies from the model.
  • Basic Shape Conversion: Simplifies complex parts into basic bounding boxes or cylinders.
  • Feature Deletion: Erases holes, protrusions, and other non-essential elements.
  • Entity Collapsing: Joins or merges short edges, narrow faces, etc.
  • Complex Surface Simplification: Reduces NURBS complexity or converts them into simpler forms.

By utilizing CADfix, you can significantly improve project efficiency by cutting down on both time and costs. Whether you're involved in shipbuilding, plant setup, or any field requiring complex CAD models, CADfix streamlines the modeling process.