Design Revision Documentation

Identify quality and shape changes between revisions of a design model. Verify that any previous quality defects have been resolved. Verify that all required changes were made as specified and that no unintentional changes were introduced. Use this to verify that the change documentation is complete and accurate. Complement the documentation with static and/or dynamic 3D graphics which highlight and quantify the changes.

The following PDF example have been generated automatically with CADIQ to compare 2 revisions of a same model. The CADIQ configuration have been set to document major shape changes, minor shape add/remove, minor shape changes and PMI annotation changes. User can browse on these 4 levels, select a diagnostic type (hole lenght change, Chamfer added, fillet radius changes, etc) and select an item to zoom in on each change. Right properties gives all information about differences between old release and new release per change.

The template is fully customizable. You can change logo, add intellectual properties or add/remove buttons, 3D Windows and fields. Please make sure to get Adobe Reader X or above and to enable javascript after opening 3D PDF file