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In the world of Computer-Aided Design (CAD), design revisions are a common practice. However, ensuring that these revisions enhance the quality of your models without introducing new flaws requires precise and comprehensive design revision documentation. Let's delve deeper into this.

What is Design Revision Documentation?

Design revision documentation involves identifying quality and shape changes between two revisions of a design model. Its purpose is to check that all previous quality defects have been addressed and that all requested changes have been implemented. Additionally, it ensures no unintentional alterations have been erroneously introduced.

An integral part of this process is making sure that the documentation is complete and accurate. This might involve supplementing the documentation with static and/or graphic data that highlight and quantify changes.

Why is it Important?

Design revision documentation is crucial for several reasons. First and foremost, it assures that your design revisions genuinely improve the quality of your models. By identifying and rectifying quality defects, you enhance the reliability and accuracy of your models.

Furthermore, this process ensures that all requested changes have been made and that no inadvertent mistakes have been included. This can help prevent costly errors and save time in the design process.

Lastly, comprehensive and accurate design revision documentation can facilitate communication and collaboration within your team. It can also instill greater trust among your clients and partners.

CADIQ: Your Indispensable Ally in Design Revision Documentation

When it comes to CAD model integrity, the need for a specialized tool proficient in tackling the challenges of CAD stability is paramount. This is where CADIQ stands out, particularly for Design Revision Documentation.

Why is CADIQ so well-suited for Design Revision Documentation? Here are some answers.

  • Inconsistency Detection: CADIQ flawlessly identifies issues in CAD models that could impact later stages such as manufacturing and analysis. An essential feature for ensuring precise revision documentation.
  • Comparative Analysis: CADIQ goes beyond basic features with its advanced methods for comparing 3D CAD models, indispensable for validating Design Revision Documentation. CADIQ not only validates that the requested changes have been made but also checks that these changes have not introduced any side effects.
  • Wide Compatibility: Whether working with different CAD systems or neutral formats, CADIQ ensures complete model validation of parts and assemblies.
  • Detailed Visualization: The software displays anomalies in an interactive 3D environment, making any geometric, functional, or structural discrepancies that might compromise documentation clearly visible.
  • Downstream Impact: CADIQ effectively flags any changes that might disrupt the model's subsequent usage, especially in analysis, manufacturing, and data archiving.
  • Usability: The interface of CADIQ can be customized to resemble the most commonly used CAD environments, thus allowing quick and efficient handling.

With its robust set of features, CADIQ asserts itself as the ideal solution for anyone engaged in Design Revision Documentation. Not only does it allow you to identify and rectify discrepancies, but it also serves as a powerful tool for data validation and certification. A solution perfectly aligned with our requirements.

Example Presentation of CAD Conversion Validation Report with CADIQ

The PDF format example below was automatically generated with CADIQ to compare two revisions of the same model. CADIQ settings were configured to document major and minor shape changes, changes in PMI annotations. The user can navigate through these various types of changes, select a diagnostic type (drilling length change, added chamfer, radius change, etc.) and zoom in on each element. The properties on the right provide all the information on the differences between the old and the new version.

The PDF template is fully customizable. You can change the logo, add intellectual properties or add/remove icons, 3D windows, and other fields. Make sure to use Adobe Reader X or higher and enable javascript to view this 3D PDF correctly.


Design revision documentation is a vital process to ensure the quality and accuracy of your CAD models. Whether working on resolving quality defects, implementing requested changes, or preventing inadvertent errors, comprehensive and accurate design revision documentation can help you optimize your design processes.

CADIQ provides automatic validation of your conversions regardless of the methodology. Reports are generated in the form of text or side-by-side 3D visualization, allowing for quick identification of deviations.

Ultimately, design revision documentation can help you improve your design processes, boost the quality of your products, and strengthen your clients' trust in your work. Don't compromise on it; get CADIQ from CAD Interop.


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