Improve the interoperability of CAD data : a key approach

You have certainly been faced with difficulties to share your CAD data with another service or with partners.
The problems of data exchange occurs in a recurrent and in all stages of the life cycle of a product: design, simulation, manufacturing, long term archival and many other applications. Market pressures lead to innovation, require quality, create more complex products and led most companies rely on partners (off-shore is an example). A successful project depends on effectiveness of collaboration and responsiveness to changes during its various stages, regardless of geographic location or tools used. Therefore, the interoperability of your CAD information is essential.
You will find the following pages, some advice to guide you in your approach:

 Cad Data Integration

Integration of your CAD Data into  DPM / PLM / ERP and others systems. Give access of your CAD Data to your complete enterprise.

 View, Mesure & Analyze

Easily access CAD data without any CAD system license. Collaborate with partners or read legacy data.

 VR & AR

Convert, Simplify and View CAD models in your VR or AR applications.

 Weight Reduction

Reduce weight or complexity of your CAD model and convert for downstream applications.

 Convert CAD Models

3D or 2D geometry exchange or Feature based exchange. Our products support major formats to specialized formats.

 Repair And Prepare 3D Geometry

Stitch geometry to get a valid solid and make sure your model is suitable to be read in your target application.

 Migrate Legacy Data

3D or 2D geometry migration or Feature based migration. We help you overcome CAD migration challenges.

 Transform 3D Geometry 

Remove or defeature geometry to simplify your model for CFD, CAE or Process plant.

 Data Exchange Automation

Control and Monitor data exchange. Transmission, translation, packaging tools are driven in one application.

 Validate 3D Model

Check quality of your model. Compare your model with another to control data exchange or find differences between two versions.

 IP Protection

Protect the intellectual properties of your CAD Data.

 Long Term Archival

Certify the reusability of the archive data. Validate your archive model is equivalent to the master model.