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Proficiency revolutionizes CAD model conversion by automating the transfer of comprehensive design elements between major CAD systems. Beyond mere geometry, it ensures the migration of feature history, construction trees, and parametric data. Additionally, the software conducts a thorough source data audit and generates exhaustive exchange reports. It also offers geometry comparison and repair through CADfix integration. Insights into modeling practices, coupled with its scalability and customizability, make Proficiency a powerful tool for design teams. It converts CAD models efficiently, preserves design intent, and offers quick migration at a competitive cost.

What Gets Transferred?

Proficiency isn't just about geometry; it handles a wide range of design elements. Let's break down what can be transferred:

  • Geometry
  • Feature history
  • Construction trees
  • Sketches
  • Constraints
  • Manufacturing information
  • Metadata
  • Parameters
  • Assembly Information
  • Drawings

Audit and Reports

In addition to seamless conversions, Proficiency conducts a source data audit. It also generates comprehensive exchange reports. These include:

  • Feature map
  • Geometric feature validation

Geometry Comparison and Repair

Proficiency goes beyond basic conversion. It compares source and target geometries using point cloud technology and carries out repairs through CADfix integration.

Modeling Practices Insight

One of Proficiency's strengths is helping design teams understand modeling practices. With this knowledge, teams can use their CAD tools to their fullest potential.

Integration and Customization

Proficiency offers scalability and high customizability. It can be integrated with PLM systems or within automation solutions.

Efficient Conversion

Lastly, Proficiency ensures the design intent is fully preserved during automatic conversion. The result is a reliable model, quickly migrated at a competitive cost.

Proficiency revolutionizes the CAD model conversion process by automating the transfer of design elements, including feature history and parametric data. The software also offers robust auditing and validation features, positioning itself as an essential tool for design teams.