Proficiency feature-based CAD conversion

Proficiency automates the complete conversion of the design intelligence of a model between major CAD systems. Geometry, features and construction tree, sketches, constraints, manufacturing information, metadata, parameters, assembly information, and drawings are design elements that will be transparently transferred between CAD systems.Migrate CAD models easily and faster

Migrate design intent easily and quickly

Proficiency provides source data audit and complete exchange reports, including a feature map and geometric feature validation. In addition, Proficiency compares the geometries of the source and target model (using point cloud technology) and repairs the geometry (with the CADfix integration).

With Proficiency, design teams can easily understand issues related to modeling practices, such as which techniques and features are most or least portable, robust or standard. And with this knowledge, you can leverage the full power of your CAD tool without generating models limited by the specifics of one particular system or representation.

Proficiency is a scalable and highly customizable solution. This software can be integrated with a PLM system or integrated into an automation solution. To improve automated results, Proficiency provides completion wizard for 3D and 2D, for some CAD systems.

Proficiency efficiently converts CAD models without loss of intelligence or information. The automatic conversion process fully preserves the design intent. More importantly, it adds value by removing old issues from the original model or substituting them with more appropriate techniques. The result is a reliable basis for further development quickly migrated to the new CAD system at a competitive cost.