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Visualize and animate your 3D scenes in virtual reality with SimLab Studio

SimLab VR Studio serves as your workshop for crafting virtual reality experiences. From basic 3D visuals to advanced training programs, all is achievable without a single line of code. Designed to simplify the complex process of 3D visualization, it offers a comprehensive suite of powerful yet user-friendly tools. This tool revolutionizes your workflow, allowing you to channel your creativity rather than getting lost in tedious technical aspects. Curious to find out how this is possible? Continue reading to discover more.

10 Reasons to Choose SimLab VR Studio

Why SimLab and not something else?

  • Ease of Use: Designed for accessibility, even without coding skills.
  • Risk-Free: Offers a free license to test all functionalities.
  • Speed of Creation: Drastically reduces the time needed for producing VR content.
  • View on All Devices: Compatible with a wide variety of VR systems and devices.
  • 3D Compatibility: Supports all major 3D file formats, providing maximum flexibility.
  • Future-Proof: Regularly updated to stay compatible with the latest technologies.
  • Secure: Safeguards your data by performing all conversions locally.
  • Reliable: Developed by a company with a long history of quality products.
  • Low Cost: Provides excellent return on investment.
  • Quizzes and Surveys: Incorporates tools to assess and collect feedback on training.

Main Features of SimLab Studio

A plethora of tools for limitless VR creation.

  • Supported File Formats: More than 30 different types, removing barriers to creativity.
  • Import and Edit Animations: Allows advanced customization of real-time elements.
  • 3D Model Libraries: Features a vast collection of pre-made models to speed up design.
  • Lighting Management: Dedicated tools to achieve natural and realistic lighting.
  • Integrated Tutorials: Step-by-step guides to quickly master the software.
  • VR Interaction and Logic: Incorporates intuitive controls for an enhanced user experience.
  • Creation of Professional VR Training: Designed for corporate, medical, or safety scenarios.
  • Import of BIM Attributes: Allows smooth integration with building management software.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: Invite users to join your VR sessions for interactive discussions.


Reinvent your sector with immersive virtual worlds.

  • Training: Used in fields such as medicine, safety, and professional training.
  • Product Demonstration: Ideal for showcasing furniture, cars, or interior designs.
  • Presentation: Used in schools, universities, and businesses for immersive presentations.
  • Entertainment: Suitable for games, artistic performances, and even virtual tourism.

Formation et Ressources pour SimLab Studio

Désireux de devenir un expert en SimLab Studio? Plongez dans notre riche bibliothèque de ressources éducatives.

  • Démarrage rapide : Ce guide complet vous accompagne à travers les fonctions essentielles de SimLab Studio, vous permettant de maximiser son utilisation. En savoir plus.
  • Créer votre première expérience en VR, étape par étape : Suivez ce tutoriel pour apprendre comment créer une expérience VR immersive avec SimLab Studio. En savoir plus.
  • Académie SimLab : Ces vidéos tutorielles disponibles depuis l'application couvrent une variété de sujets, des bases aux fonctionnalités avancées, pour vous aider à devenir un utilisateur compétent.
  • Vidéos YouTube : Une sélection de vidéos pour approfondir vos connaissances sur des sujets spécifiques de SimLab Studio. En savoir plus.
  • Blog : Articles détaillés abordant des cas d'utilisation, des astuces et des actualités sur SimLab Studio. En savoir plus.
  • Communauté Discord : Un espace pour échanger des idées, poser des questions et partager des expériences avec d'autres passionnés de SimLab Studio. En savoir plus.

In summary, SimLab VR Studio offers an extensive range of features to meet all your virtual reality needs. CAD Interop, with over 25 years of experience in CAO data exchange, is proud to present such comprehensive and efficient solutions to meet the demands of discerning professionals.

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3D Import

  • 3D PDF *.pdf (u3d based)
  • 3DS MAX *.3ds
  • CATIA *.3dxml
  • Collada *.dae
  • CTM *.ctm
  • DWF *.dwf *dwfx
  • DWG (2021)*.dwg *dxf
  • FBX (2023)*.fbx
  • GLTF *.gltf *.glb
  • IFC *.ifc
  • IGES *.igs *.iges
  • INVENTOR *.iam *.ipt
  • LightWave*.lwo, *.lw
  • OSG *.osg
  • PRC *.prc
  • RHINO 3D *.3dm
  • SIMLAB COMPOSER *.sim *.zim
  • SIMLAB VR VIEWER *.vrpackage
  • SKETCHUP *.skp
  • SOLIDWORKS*.sldasm *.sldprt
  • STEP *.stp *.step
  • STL *.stl
  • U3D *.u3d
  • USDZ *.usdz
  • Point Cloud *.xyz, *.pcd, *.e57, *.las, *.laz
  • ZBRUSH *.goz


  • ACIS *.sat
  • Creo *.prt *.asm
  • NX *.prt
  • PARASOLID *.x_b *.x_t *.xmt_bin *xmt_txt
  • SOLIDEDGE *.asm *.par *.psm


  • JT *.jt
  • SAP 3D Visual *.vds
  • Adams *.res


3D Export

  • 3D PDF *.pdf (u3d/prc)
  • 3DS MAX *.3ds
  • 3MF *.3mf
  • Collada *.dae
  • CTM *.ctm
  • DIRECT X *.x
  • DWF *.dwf *dwfx
  • DWG *.dwg *dxf
  • FBX *.fbx  
  • GLTF *.gltf *.glb  
  • IVE *.ive
  • OSG *.osg *.osgb
  • PRC *.prc
  • SIMLAB COMPOSER *.sim *.zim *.xml  
  • SIMLAB VR VIEWER *.vrpackage
  • SKETCHUP (2022) *.skp
  • STL *.stl
  • U3D *.u3d
  • USDZ *.usdz  
  • WEBGL/HTML5 *.htm


  • JT *.jt



  • Import/Export 3D format
  • Cloud Sharing
  • Export presentation to 3D PDF
  • CAD plugins
  • Stand-Alone 3D/CAD/VR Conversion Tool (CADVRter)
  • VR Collaboration


  • Scene
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Learning Management system (Studio)


  • high quality renders
  • immersive 360 image
  • Baked Lighting (Lightmap)

Virtual Reality

  • VR Creation
  • VR Training (studio)
  • VR Quizzes (studio)
  • VR Survey (studio)
  • VR Catalog


  • Visual Scripting
  • Code Scripting



  • Free/Demo
  • Floating
  • Permanent
  • Subscrption


  • Composer : Free/Pro/Mecanichal/Ultimate
  • VR Studio : Free/Pro
  • Plugins
    • 3dsMax
    • Alibre
    • AutoCAD
    • Creo
    • Fusion
    • Inventor
    • Maya
    • Modo
    • Navisworks
    • Onshape
    • Revit
    • Rhino
    • SolidEdge
    • SketchUp
    • SolidWorks
    • Spirit
    • Zbrush
    • RhinoPlugin
    • ZW3D
  • CADVRter
  • Free VR Viewer
    • PC/Steam VR : Windows/MacOS
    • Smartphone : Android/iOS
    • Standalone : Oculus Quest/Go, Pico
  • VR Collaboration


  • Windows 64
  • macOS