CAD Weight Reduction

Users of Process Plant and Ship Building design software frequently need to integrate models of large equipment installations and component sub-systems. These usually consist of very large CAD assemblies that can be several hundred Megabytes or even Gigabytes in size. The receiving systems are simply not designed to cope with the integration of such massive CAD assemblies. The main priority of the ship building or process plant designer is simply to reduce file size. The typical CADfix defeaturing operations required include:

  • removal/filtering of small solid bodies less than a user defined size
  • removal of “invisible” solids inside a model (visibility filter)
  • removal of small holes/protrusions
  • removal of unwanted features (e.g. short edges, small faces etc)
  • simplification of complex NURBS edges and surfaces to analytic forms within a user defined tolerance

CADfix can quickly simplify large complex CAD assemblies and reduce file size for import into Process Plant and Ship Building software. This helps avoid multiple failed import attempts, saves precious project time and reduces non-productive CAD model rework. Most of these processes can be done in automatic.


CADfix provides many functionnality to simplify a model. Shrink-Wrap tool transforms a complex assembly to a lightweight facet wrap. Click to watch the video.

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External Visibility Filter with CADfix

During simulation preparation, it could be necessary to remove hidden or internal details from a CAD model. The External Visibility Filter is a new CADfix Wizard Transform tool that scans the model, identifies externally visible faces or bodies an removes the unwanted internal details. You can control the structure level (instances, bodies, faces) and the gap tolerance. Even if the assembly is disjuncted with small gaps, the internal parts will be removed.

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Minimum volume bounding box with CADfix

The minimum or smallest bounding or enclosing box is a term used in geometry. It refers to the box with the smallest measure (area, volume, ...) within which all the geometry lie.

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