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The Evolution of Product Lifecycle Management Systems

Advances in Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) technology have profoundly altered how businesses handle product development. The gains are manifold: streamlined development processes, enhanced collaboration among diverse teams, and boosted efficiency and productivity. KISTERS, a CAD viewer solution leader, provides advanced 3D CAD visualization, analysis, and Digital MockUp (DMU) through 3DViewStation. This integrates seamlessly with Enovia 3DExperience and SmarTeam from Dassault Systems.

3DViewStation: A Comprehensive Visualization Solution

Users of 3DViewStation enjoy a scalable visualization solution, allowing them to swiftly load and analyze CAD data. While Dassault entices some with free viewers like eDrawings and 3D XML Player, they often fall short of users' needs for a more refined visualization tool. Integrating 3DViewStation with Enovia 3DExperience and SmarTeam ensures Catia and Solidworks users can make quicker, more reliable decisions. They're aided by a user-friendly tool packed with features tailored to every product lifecycle stage.

Key Features of 3DViewStation

3DViewStation isn't just a multi-CAD viewer supporting Catia. It also supports a plethora of other 3D and 2D CAD formats, including Office files and images. Within SmarTeam, it runs as a preview viewer, yet can also operate with a full interface in its own window. In 3DExperience, the Kisters 3DViewStation WebViewer version is employed, enabling online multi-user collaboration. Its APIs facilitate asynchronous work, and a module supports real-time collaboration.

The Added Perks of Integration

3DViewStation’s integration with Enovia 3DExperience and SmarTeam’s metadata and structural information search tools lets users swiftly visualize multi-gigabyte assemblies in mere seconds. Additionally, users can access advanced analysis features, 3D comparison, and DMU in the 3DViewStation app (either Desktop or WebViewer). Exporting CAD data in 3D PDF format, with template support that can include metadata and a company logo, becomes effortless.

Ease of Use and Enhanced Productivity

One of 3DViewStation's standout advantages, when paired with Enovia 3DExperience or SmarTeam, is its user-friendliness. Boasting over 180 interactive features, it’s far more than a mere viewer. Users can navigate, select, measure, dimension, slice, compare, and draft annotations or reviews with just a few clicks. Moreover, its intuitive interface means users can quickly get to grips with the tool, maximizing its potential right from the outset.

Conclusion: A Game-Changer in PLM Systems

Incorporating 3DViewStation into Dassault's PLM systems offers Catia and Solidworks users a scalable visualization solution for rapid CAD data loading and analysis. Benefits span fast multi-CAD visualization, a viewer for various 3D CAD data and 2D drawings, advanced interactive features, intuitive operation, and ease of use. Ideal for users keen on swift, reliable decision-making and collaborative teams aiming for efficient, productive work, the integration of 3DViewStation into Dassault's PLM systems is essential for businesses aiming to elevate their product design and development process efficiency.