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Intégration de 3DViewStation dans CIM Database

Data visualization is crucial during the product development process. It ensures team members can access, modify, evaluate, and share the same 3D models. Although Contact Software's standard visualization solution, "3D Connect," meets the needs of some users, 3DViewStation offers enhanced features for professional users with specific requirements.

Benefits of Kisters 3DViewStation

Interestingly, only 3DViewStation caters to needs for speed, rich functionalities, and user-friendliness. Participants can swiftly load and assess CAD data, prep for meetings, and complete tasks efficiently. Furthermore, Kisters' 3DViewStation expands the 3D Connect portfolio, supporting unique analytical tasks for development specialists. Its features include:

  • Comprehensive 3D model analysis
  • Creative functions
  • Offline operation and native 3D model visualization

Integration with CIM Database

Kisters 3DViewStation Desktop Viewer incorporates data straight from contact elements and the CIM database. Modifications or accompanying information can be sent back to the data management system using a two-way interface. Virtual product structures can be loaded for deeper analysis, with results transferable to document management or communication and decision-making processes. Plus, snapshots can be directly shared from the viewer through the Messenger component's activity stream. Although the Desktop version is now integrated, the 3DViewStation WebViewer offers nearly identical features and APIs for both online and offline usage.

Industries Benefiting

Companies from automotive, plant engineering, and electronics sectors leverage Kisters' 3DViewStation with contact elements and the CIM database. Extensions enable users to visualize product configuration information from PLM or ERP through 3DViewStation.

High-Performance Visualization for CIM Database

The increasing intricacy of CAD-developed products often leads to slower processing. This challenges not just CAD systems but those involved in downstream processes and their software. The answer? Smart data quantity management. The 3DViewStation products can be integrated with a PDM, PLM, or g-PLM platform. For moderately complex CAD assemblies, native data processing is swift. However, if loading times lengthen, conversion to the lightweight and ultra-fast 3DVS format is advisable. This should occur when CAD data is saved in the CIM database after initial creation or modification. Our KAS batch tool can be linked to the contact conversion server for this purpose. As a result, assemblies with over 100,000 components can be loaded in a mere second. Impressively, a vessel with 10 million components loads in 15 seconds, but efforts are ongoing to further reduce this.

Standard Features for Daily Use

Fast loading isn't enough. Users have diverse visualization requirements, but common needs include measuring, sizing, cutting, and part selection through various methods, to name a few. Geometric comparisons can highlight differences between component versions or assemblies, with simultaneous measurement and cutting enabled during comparison. Standard features also allow view creation for meeting preparations or initiating changes. A series of views can outline a component's assembly sequence.

Advanced Functions Up to DMU

3DViewStation boasts advanced DMU functions and features beyond the standard. These demand guided operation and specialized knowledge of digital products and intended investigations. Our tool is indispensable for various processes in industries like plastic injection molding, metal foundries, and tool manufacturing. For instance, sales personnel can receive native CAD data for quotation purposes, measure, calculate volumes, and annotate the 3D model.

Wall Thickness, Splitting, Release Angles, and Undercuts

Our tool facilitates wall thickness analysis, splitting, release angle assessment, and undercut studies. Through wall thickness analysis, thin areas in CAD models become identifiable. When a business receives an order, they should compare the CAD data sent with the original. Preliminary investigations through release angle analysis can detect problematic undercuts. Our splitting feature assists in determining how many slides a tool needs to demold a component successfully.

Collision and Clearance Surveys

3DViewStation also offers collision and clearance studies, helping project managers detect assembly or installation issues well before production. They can sort collisions, determine collision contours, and find the quickest way to rectify them. Clearance analysis shows if specific distances are maintained using colored spacing bands. These functions are commonly employed in vehicle exhaust systems, building pipelines, cockpit ergonomics, robotic cell interiors, and more. For the latest updates, customers are encouraged to regularly check our blog.

3DViewStation for IoT

3DViewStation's utility extends to the IoT realm. It's straightforward to locate a problematic sensor in a 3D model. The sensor can be color-highlighted, while the model is displayed in outline, and the sensor can be zoomed in on if necessary. Actions are automated and controlled by our APIs. For instance, clicking on the sensor can display live or historical data. Maintenance or repair guidelines are accessible with a single click. Given 3DViewStation's compatibility with smartphones without local installations or data storage, service technicians can swiftly diagnose issues before client visits.

With the integration of advanced tools and functionalities, 3DViewStation offers an unparalleled solution in the realm of data visualization and analysis, streamlining processes across various industries.