Intégration de 3DViewStation dans CIM Database

CAD Visualisation integration in CIM Database PLM

3DViewStation integrates with CIM Database PLM. Synergy occurs between metadata search tools or structural information from CONTACT Elements and CIM Database and the visualization and geometry analysis features of 3DViewStation, especially for expert users with special needs, such as in the field of wall thickness analysis and off-line use.

Users do not just want to read textual descriptions of a product - they want to be able to see the 3D rendering of the product, and that very quickly. This is where the integration of 3DViewStation makes sense. Users of CIM Database PLM can work with a next-generation CAD viewer, enabling quick visualization of even the largest CAD data. 3DViewStation can read all versions of major CAD systems such as CATIA V5, Creo, NX and other formats.

The 3DViewStation viewer receives data directly from CONTACT Elements and CIM Database PLM. Changes or related information can be returned to the data management system via the bidirectional interface. Virtual product structures can be loaded for analysis, leveraging high-performance 3D visualization, allowing users to view assemblies of multiple GBs in seconds, and results can be transferred into document management or communication and decision-making processes. The messenger component Activity Stream can also be used to post  and share snapshots directly from the viewer.