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The global pandemic has undeniably accelerated the trend toward remote work. However, many companies had already embraced online collaboration tools long before the COVID-19 crisis. Sharing CAD data still faces challenges such as data security and download times. Email, FTP, or cloud solutions no longer suffice. Fortunately, VisShare and 3DViewStation WebViewer offer instant, secure access to CAD data throughout the product's life cycle.

VisShare - An Intuitive, Instantly Accessible Web Solution

VisShare VisShare is the online collaboration tool that allows you to manage projects involving CAD files with both internal and external users. Simple to set up, easy to use. VisShare enables you to create and send a temporary link for sharing a file's view in 3DViewStation WebViewer to a user or a user group. You control who has access to your data and for how long, without the possibility for them to copy or download it.

3DViewStation WebViewer - A Rich Feature Set for Online Visualization

3DViewStation WebViewer is an online visualization tool that can function as a standalone solution or be coupled with VisShare. Easy to implement, 3DViewStation requires no client-side installation. Employing HTML5 technology, no files or geometries are downloaded at any point. It offers a rich set of over 180 interactive features ranging from navigation and measurements to advanced analysis like collision detection and thickness checking.

  • Instant Testing: Try our integrated 3DViewStation WebViewer below.

The Powerful Synergy Between VisShare and 3DViewStation WebViewer

Coupled with VisShare, 3DViewStation WebViewer becomes a secure and high-performance solution for sharing design information with internal team members, for on-site visualization while on the move or remote working, and with external partners. Information becomes directly accessible to all, without the need for special training and free from the constraints of costly proprietary CAD system licenses. Moreover, it ensures all project stakeholders access the correct version of the CAD model, not an outdated version stored on their local machine. For even more control over intellectual property, 3DViewStation offers geometry simplification and obfuscation tools. Therefore, you only share the strictly necessary information securely.

In summary, VisShare and 3DViewStation WebViewer offer a seamless process for sharing and visualizing CAD data, eliminating the pain points of traditional methods. Their advanced features offer a versatile platform for design reporting, translation, and collaborative work. CAD Interop excels in offering such cutting-edge solutions to meet the diverse needs discussed here.