What solution for sharing and consulting CAD data while teleworking

What solution for sharing and consulting CAD data while teleworking

Even though the current global pandemic has accelerated the trend, for many companies the process of implementing solutions for online collaboration and teleworking had started before the lock-down periods linked to the COVID-19 crisis. When it comes to sharing CAD data, some constraints appear like data security and download time when data often exceed several tens or even hundreds of Mb. And very quickly the situation is established: the exchange by E -mail, FTP or other cloud sharing solutions is not possible. To address this issue, VisShare and 3DViewStation WebViewer offer a rich set of features for a quick and secure access to your CAD data at all stages of the product life cycle.


VisShare + 3DViewStation WebViewer - An easy-to-use, instantly accessible, no-download solution

VisShare is the web-based solution for online collaboration that lets you manage projects made up of CAD files with internal and external users. Easy to configure, easy to use. Thanks to VisShare you can create and send a link to share the file and enable viewing in 3DViewStation WebViewer to a user or a group of users, and this link has the benefit of being temporary. You control which user has access to your data and how long or how many times he can view it without the ability to copy or download it.

3DViewStation WebViewer is an online viewing solution that can be used alone or paired with VisShare. Easy to set up, 3DViewStation does not require any installation on the client workstation. Thanks to HTML5 technology used by 3DViewStation no files or geometry are uploaded at any time. 3DViewStation provides a rich set of over 180 interactive features ranging from navigation, measurement, dynamic section view, comparison of two versions of 3D and 2D models, to advanced analysis such as detection collision, control of draft or wall thickness, creation of projected surface and neutral fiber, ...

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Associated with VisShare, 3DViewStation WebViewer is a secure and efficient solution for sharing design information to all internal collaborators, for on-site visualization on the move or telework, and to partners outside the company. . The information is directly accessible to everyone, without the need for special training, and free you from the costly licenses of priority CAD systems for consulting CAD data. In addition, it guarantees that all those involved in the project have access to the correct version of the CAD model and not to an obsolete version kept on the client workstation. For even more intellectual property control, 3DViewStation has tools for simplifying and alienating geometries. So you only share the information strictly necessary to the recipients in complete security.