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CAD model Thickness with 3DViewStation

Explore how thickness analysis is revolutionizing computer-aided design. With advanced solutions like 3DViewStation, pinpointing weak areas in a CAD model has never been more precise or efficient. Dive deeper to understand why 3DViewStation is the go-to choice for experts and professionals alike.

Unveiling 3DViewStation: A Benchmark in CAD Viewing

Contrary to the belief that advanced analysis is exclusive to expensive CAD systems, 3DViewStation offers these functionalities at a fraction of the price. 3DViewStation provides a robust platform for 3D model visualization and analysis. Whether it's loading native CAD files or performing thickness analysis, this tool delivers top-notch results without the need for costly CAD licenses.

Answering the Cost-Effort Query in Part Production

When it comes to determining the cost and effort required for part production, 3DViewStation's thickness analysis tool is invaluable. Sales representatives and project managers in industries like plastic injection, casting, and mold/die now have a precise, cost-effective solution for customer inquiries.

Functionalities that Empower

3DViewStation is equipped with functionalities essential for comprehensive analysis, such as:

  • Volume Calculations: Accurate measurement of object volume.
  • Dimensions and Sections: Advanced options for inspecting different parts of the model.
  • Annotations: Make detailed notes directly within the application.
  • Rolling Ball3DViewStation enhances the quality of thickness analysis results while minimizing computation time.

In an era where innovation and efficiency are key, 3DViewStation emerges as a leading solution. Its suite of advanced features—ranging from "Rolling Ball" thickness analysis to wall thickness tools—makes it indispensable for professionals. CAD Interop, with its deep expertise in CAD data interoperability, stands as a reliable distributor of this cutting-edge technology.