3DViewStation Visibility test feature

Suppress unwanted or confidential geometry with 3DViewStation

3DViewStation provides tools to automatically remove components or geometries that you do not need or that you want to protect intellectual property. First of all, when importing the CAD model, 3DViewStation allows to open many native CAD formats (Catia, NX, Creo, STEP ...) by filtering the hidden geometry, types of entities or attributes. After opening, a second cleaning can be done by filter selection. The search can be parameterized according to the name, an attribute, a type of geometry or a color. Finally, the visibility test tool scans the model from different angles and eliminates all non-visible parts automatically and parts smaller than a defined threshold. If you choose the option "keep original", the comparison tool will allow to quickly check the geometries thus eliminated.

Thanks to these functionalities, 3DViewStation makes it possible to quickly lighten CAD models which can then be exported in different neutral formats (STEP, JT, PDF ...) and safety shared with your partners.