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3DViewStation Visibility test feature

In today's digital landscape, safeguarding intellectual property (IP) is becoming increasingly vital, especially in the realm of Computer-Aided Design (CAD). As companies increasingly rely on CAD data to create innovative products, protecting this invaluable information from external threats has become a top priority. This is where solutions like 3DViewStation and VisShare come into play.

Understanding the Scope of IP Protection

Firstly, it's essential to understand that IP protection is not solely confined to Digital Rights Management (DRM). Indeed, once CAD files are decrypted on a hard drive, they become susceptible to unauthorized capture. Therefore, safeguarding IP requires a unique approach for CAD geometries.

Effective Techniques for CAD Data Protection

Several effective techniques for securing IP within CAD data include the automatic deletion of non-visible geometries, the removal of unwanted geometry, enveloping (also known as shrinkwrap or hull), and alienation of the original design. All these features available in 3DViewStation help to minimize the risks associated with CAD file sharing, though they can't guarantee complete IP protection.

Specialized Tools for Secure CAD Visualization

In many industrial processes, disclosing CAD data is unnecessary; allowing data visualization suffices. For such cases, 3DViewStation offers a secure solution with protected visualization tools based on a web application (WebViewer). These tools utilize server-side rendering, thus preventing the local download of 3D geometries for client-side visualization. Furthermore, 3DViewStation enables the restriction of cross-sectional views on certain geometries and controls data sharing with VisShare.

In conclusion, securing intellectual property in CAD demands a blend of innovative techniques and secure software solutions like 3DViewStation. By adopting these practices, companies can not only protect their IP but also foster innovation and competitiveness.