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SimLab VR isn't just another virtual reality visualization solution. With a plethora of features, this standalone, cross-platform, and free application has much to offer designers, developers, and end-users alike. Its extended compatibility with various VR headsets enables straightforward 3D project visualization. Additionally, its cloud storage functionality adds a new layer of flexibility. Stay with us to delve into the captivating features of SimLab VR.

Main Features of SimLab VR Viewer

Wondering what sets SimLab VR apart from other virtual reality visualization solutions? Let's find out.

  • Compatibility: Works with nearly all VR headsets available on the market.
  • Measurement Tools: Dimension measurement tool for easy interactions.
  • Annotation Tools: Note-taking tool to enhance client-designer communication.
  • Navigation Modes: Various immersive navigation options such as Walking, Flying, Mechanical.
  • SimLab Sharing: Share your VR experiences with a broad audience.

Advantages Over Competitors

Why should you choose SimLab VR over other software? Here are some compelling reasons.

  • Free of Charge: No hidden costs, a completely free solution.
  • User-Friendly: Simple and intuitive user interface.
  • Versatility: Available on iOS and Android, and compatible with HTC Vive, Oculus PC, Oculus Quest, and PicoVR mixed and virtual reality headsets.

Focus on SimLab Cloud Storage

SimLab VR's cloud storage offers unparalleled flexibility. Let's examine the details.

  • 20GB Storage: Ample space for all your projects.
  • 10 Cloud Models: Manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Easy Pairing: Compatible with Oculus Quest and Pico.
  • Unlimited Clients: No licenses required for your clients.

Three Services in One Subscription

SimLab is not limited to just virtual reality visualization. Here are three additional services included in a single subscription.

  • SimLab VR Sharing: Ideal for remote work and communication with your colleagues and clients. Includes the ability to add object animations and control them in VR.
    • Securely store and access your VR experiences anywhere.
    • Organize your VR experiences in catalogs for quicker access.
    • Share your experiences securely or publish them to the VR community.
    • The 'Share Back' feature allows you to retrieve changes and notes added by the recipient.
    • Add contacts and groups for faster sharing.
  • Cloud Hosting: Beyond sharing VR experiences, SimLab Composer also allows hosting 3D models in online WebGL documents, as well as 360/Grid rendered images.
    • WebGL: Upload, host, and share your model with a single click.
    • VR Package: Share VR scenes on the cloud for direct web access or via the SimLab VR viewer on all your devices and VR headsets.
    • 360° Images: Embed a 360° panoramic render of your model on a webpage.
    • 360° Grid: Embed multiple 360° panoramic renders on a single webpage and teleport between them.
  • Device Synchronization: With SimLab Composer and VR Viewer, sync multiple devices through your SimLab Cloud account. This synchronization replaces the need to manually move files to mobile devices and VR headsets via cables.
    • Access your SimLab Cloud account and all your uploaded and shared models anytime, anywhere.
    • Your clients don't need to purchase SimLab Cloud storage keys to receive and view the models you've shared with them.

Training and Resources for SimLab VR Viewer

Looking to become an expert in SimLab VR Viewer? Here are some valuable resources.

  • Online Documentation: A comprehensive guide to help you fully leverage SimLab VR Viewer. Learn more.
  • Video Examples: Illustrative videos to showcase the features of SimLab VR Viewer. Watch now.
  • Discord Community: Join our Discord server to interact with other SimLab VR Viewer enthusiasts. Learn more.

In summary, SimLab VR offers a free, versatile, and comprehensive solution for virtual reality visualization. Whether you're a designer or an end-user, it has an array of tools and functionalities to fit your needs. With SimLab VR, CAD Interop provides a leading-edge solution to bring your 3D projects to life.

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3D Import

  • 3D PDF *.pdf (u3d based)
  • 3DS MAX *.3ds
  • CATIA *.3dxml
  • Collada *.dae
  • CTM *.ctm
  • DWF *.dwf *dwfx
  • DWG (2021)*.dwg *dxf
  • FBX (2023)*.fbx
  • GLTF *.gltf *.glb
  • IFC *.ifc
  • IGES *.igs *.iges
  • INVENTOR *.iam *.ipt
  • LightWave*.lwo, *.lw
  • OSG *.osg
  • PRC *.prc
  • RHINO 3D *.3dm
  • SIMLAB COMPOSER *.sim *.zim
  • SIMLAB VR VIEWER *.vrpackage
  • SKETCHUP *.skp
  • SOLIDWORKS*.sldasm *.sldprt
  • STEP *.stp *.step
  • STL *.stl
  • U3D *.u3d
  • USDZ *.usdz
  • Point Cloud *.xyz, *.pcd, *.e57, *.las, *.laz
  • ZBRUSH *.goz


  • ACIS *.sat
  • Creo *.prt *.asm
  • NX *.prt
  • PARASOLID *.x_b *.x_t *.xmt_bin *xmt_txt
  • SOLIDEDGE *.asm *.par *.psm


  • JT *.jt
  • SAP 3D Visual *.vds
  • Adams *.res


3D Export

  • 3D PDF *.pdf (u3d/prc)
  • 3DS MAX *.3ds
  • 3MF *.3mf
  • Collada *.dae
  • CTM *.ctm
  • DIRECT X *.x
  • DWF *.dwf *dwfx
  • DWG *.dwg *dxf
  • FBX *.fbx  
  • GLTF *.gltf *.glb  
  • IVE *.ive
  • OSG *.osg *.osgb
  • PRC *.prc
  • SIMLAB COMPOSER *.sim *.zim *.xml  
  • SIMLAB VR VIEWER *.vrpackage
  • SKETCHUP (2022) *.skp
  • STL *.stl
  • U3D *.u3d
  • USDZ *.usdz  
  • WEBGL/HTML5 *.htm


  • JT *.jt



  • Import/Export 3D format
  • Cloud Sharing
  • Export presentation to 3D PDF
  • CAD plugins
  • Stand-Alone 3D/CAD/VR Conversion Tool (CADVRter)
  • VR Collaboration


  • Scene
  • Animation
  • Simulation
  • Learning Management system (Studio)


  • high quality renders
  • immersive 360 image
  • Baked Lighting (Lightmap)

Virtual Reality

  • VR Creation
  • VR Training (studio)
  • VR Quizzes (studio)
  • VR Survey (studio)
  • VR Catalog


  • Visual Scripting
  • Code Scripting



  • Free/Demo
  • Floating
  • Permanent
  • Subscrption


  • Composer : Free/Pro/Mecanichal/Ultimate
  • VR Studio : Free/Pro
  • Plugins
    • 3dsMax
    • Alibre
    • AutoCAD
    • Creo
    • Fusion
    • Inventor
    • Maya
    • Modo
    • Navisworks
    • Onshape
    • Revit
    • Rhino
    • SolidEdge
    • SketchUp
    • SolidWorks
    • Spirit
    • Zbrush
    • RhinoPlugin
    • ZW3D
  • CADVRter
  • Free VR Viewer
    • PC/Steam VR : Windows/MacOS
    • Smartphone : Android/iOS
    • Standalone : Oculus Quest/Go, Pico
  • VR Collaboration


  • Windows 64
  • macOS