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Virtual reality is a powerful tool for professionals in the 3D simulation industry. It helps create immersive experiences for users by immersing them in realistic virtual worlds. Whether in design or training, virtual reality is a way to make simulations more interactive and engaging.

Before you can use virtual reality to enrich your simulations, you must have high-quality 3D models. It is important to ensure that your models are prepared correctly with simplification and conversion processes.

The Simlab solution allows you to create your virtual reality scene. You can move, rotate, and zoom your objects to position them to create an immersive scene. You can also add lighting, textures, and special effects to enhance the VR experience.

Once you've built your scene, you can animate it by adding movement to your objects. Using Simlab's camera and object control tools, you can create complex animations for a more interactive experience. You can also add audio tracks and commentary to further enhance the immersion.

Virtual reality can be used to enhance your 3D simulations by providing real-time interaction with your scenes. By using VR gear like VR headsets and motion controllers, you can allow your users to move around your scenes and interact with objects, providing a richer, more immersive simulation experience.