Launch benchmark CAD systems vs 3DViewStation

The fastest solution to view CAD model

3DViewStation is the fastest solution to view a CAD model and we can prove it! The following video demonstrate the loading speed of different native formats (SolidWorks, Catia V5, NX, Pro-Engineer) using 3 different settings.

Even if your model contains thousands of components, millions of polygones or is several Gb large, 3DViewstation will open it instantaneously compare to a CAD system or any other competing solution. There are 3 options in order to improve loading speed :

1. Precise geometry : The model will be load using precise geometry. This option is mandatory if you want to use Physical properties. 3DViewStation is up to 70% faster than the native CAD system.

2. Native Tesselation : The model will load the tesselation available in the native CAD model. 3DViewStation is up to 90% faster than the native CAD system.

3. 3DVS Tesselation : The model have been saved in 3DViewStation format. The file is up to 90% smaller and the load is instantaneous.