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Auto select PMI attached to Geometry and vice versa

In an industrial landscape increasingly embracing Model-Based Definition (MBD), the move from traditional 2D drawings to 3D models replete with Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) is evident. Among the frontiers of this transformation is 3DViewStation. This robust software serves as an indispensable asset for visualizing, controlling, and interacting with annotated 3D CAD models.

3DViewStation: A Multi-Format Powerhouse

One standout attribute of 3DViewStation is its capability to read and display CAD models from a multitude of professional software solutions, like Catia, NX, Creo, JT, and STEP. This is of immense value for engineers and manufacturers who often work with heterogeneous data sources. Let's elaborate:

  • Technical Data Packages: This functionality allows users to manage ZIP files that may contain a 2D PDF along with a 3D JT model, offering unparalleled flexibility in viewing and manipulating files.
  • Annotation Capabilities: You're not restricted to just viewing PMI annotations. 3DViewStation also empowers you to create and modify both 2D and 3D annotations, which can then be saved in various formats like the proprietary 3DVS or the universal STEP and PDF formats.

Annotation Mastery with 3DViewStation

The suite of tools available in 3DViewStation for handling annotations is comprehensive, addressing virtually all PMI and CAD-related tasks that professionals may encounter:

  • Text Search: Locating specific pieces of PMI or notes is made effortless with an advanced text search feature.
  • Geometry-Annotation Link: The software elegantly links PMI entities with their corresponding 3D geometry, allowing for a seamless design review process.
  • Isolate and Inspect: If you need to zero in on a particular component and its associated PMI, 3DViewStation lets you isolate the section for more detailed scrutiny.

3DViewStation in Action: ASML's Success Story

Nothing speaks louder than real-world application, and the semiconductor industry titan ASML offers compelling evidence of 3DViewStation's efficacy. In a detailed video testimony by Helmar Kraus, Supplier Quality Engineer at ASML, several points stand out:

  • Visual Clarity: The software is pivotal in converting complex 2D designs into 3D PMI models, thereby offering more dynamic and comprehensive visual data.
  • Unmatched Compatibility: 3DViewStation’s ability to work with a wide range of CAD formats makes it an industry leader, as highlighted by its ease of integration within ASML's complex systems.
  • Collaborative Power: From its user-friendly interface to its capabilities for precise measurement and annotation, 3DViewStation significantly enhances collaboration between engineers, designers, and stakeholders.

In conclusion, 3DViewStation is not merely a tool; it's a versatile ecosystem optimized for the challenges of modern CAD-based manufacturing. Its capabilities range from basic viewing to complex PMI annotation control and analysis. These strengths make it an excellent fit with CAD Interop's portfolio, reinforcing our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for data interoperability and simulation in manufacturing.