Auto select PMI attached to Geometry and vice versa

View and control PMI & Annotation with 3DViewStation

More and more MBD initiatives (i.e. the 3D model is the reference or 3D master) are developing in the industry, replacing traditional 2D drawings with models containing 3D annotations (PMI). 3DViewStation provides an efficient solution for viewing and controlling 3D models containing annotations.

3DViewStation supports reading CAD models with PMI (Product Manufacturing Information) from many sources, such as Catia, NX, Creo, JT, STEP. There are also Technical Data Packages (TDP), which can be a ZIP consisting of many files, for example 2D PDFs with attached a 3D model in JT format. 3DViewStation allows you to open both at the same time, the 2D-PDF plus the JT file. It also allows you to create your own annotations, 2D or 3D, and save them again, in the proprietary 3DVS format or the neutral formats JT, STEP (AP242), 3D-PDF or 2D-PDF or as images.

3DviewStation offers several important features to analyze and control all these annotations. The first is a text search tool, which also works for PMI. The second is the simultaneous selection of the PMI and the reference geometry: You will be able to select a PMI entity and 3DViewStation will automatically select the associated 3D geometry. And conversely, the 3D annotation will be automatically highlighted when you select a 3D geometry. Another novelty is the possibility of isolating the functionality as well as the associated PMI.