Interoperability between Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and Virtual Reality (VR) applications is a growing concern in industry. CAD software is used to design 3D products, while VR applications allow these products to be viewed in an immersive virtual environment.

However, format compatibility between these two types of software can be a challenge. The file formats used by CAD software are not always compatible with VR applications, which can lead to errors and data loss when transferring CAD models to VR.

Technical limitations are also a common problem for users. For example, some complex 3D models may not display correctly in VR applications due to graphics card performance limitations. Users may also experience frame refresh issues, which can affect the quality of user experience in VR environments.

Geometry simplification is therefore crucial to improve the user experience and facilitate interoperability between CAD and VR information. Teams must work in a coordinated fashion to develop solutions that allow seamless exchange of data between CAD software and VR applications, without loss of quality or error.

The virtual reality experience can be enhanced with simulation and animation of 3D models from CAD software. Prep work is needed to create scenes, animate objects, and make the user experience interactive and collaborative.

CAD Interop offers several solutions to address these issues and facilitate preparation and visualization in virtual reality:

  • Automate the preparation of CAD models to lighten them and then visualize them in your virtual reality applications with CADfix VIZ.
  • Visualize your CAD data directly in virtual reality without the usual constraints linked to the complexity of models with 3DViewStation VR.
  • Create Scene and simulate in virtual reality your training and animation with SimLab.

How to enrich corporate training with virtual reality using SimLab

The use of Virtual Reality (VR) in professional training can provide many benefits for businesses. VR can help make trainings more immersive, interactive, and memorable for employees, which can improve learning and knowledge retention.

Build and animate your scenes in virtual reality to enrich your 3D simulations with SimLab

Virtual reality is a powerful tool for professionals in the 3D simulation industry. It helps create immersive experiences for users by immersing them in realistic virtual worlds. Whether in design or training, virtual reality is a way to make simulations more interactive and engaging.

Import and Export formats supported by SimLab Studio for Virtual Reality Training and Visualization

SimLab Studio allows the import of the majority of 3D and CAD formats on the market and the export to several 3D formats. Some formats are compatible for animation and Flex body conversions.