When inspecting large CAD models, limitations related to your VR application prevent you from viewing models larger than 20,000 parts, or maybe 150,000 objects if you are lucky. You will need to simplify the data, either by removing parts or making them coarser. And every time the CAD data changes, all that prep work has to be redone.
CAD Interop offers 2 solutions to save you time and facilitate the visualization of large assemblies in virtual reality:
  • Automate the preparation of CAD models to lighten them and then visualize them in your virtual reality applications with CADfix VIZ.
  • Visualize your CAD data directly in virtual reality without the usual constraints linked to the complexity of models with 3DViewStation VR.

In addition to materials, textures are supported by 3DViewStation since version 2021 for viewing CAD models, parts and assemblies. The textures allow much more realistic renderings, especially for use in virtual reality and augmented reality. CAD data must be prepared: u, v coordinates must be applied and textures, usually external graphics files, must be assigned. 3DViewStation supports textures for reading formats: OBJ, FBX, GLB / GLTF, DAE, U3D, 3DVS, 3MF and export to the proprietary 3DVS format. Textures support for new import and export formats will be available soon.