Defeaturing CAD model with CADfix

CAD defeaturing

Preparing CAD models for successful mesh generation continues to be a crucial part of the design to analysis process. A common problem in CAD models is features that are very small compared to the desired mesh size. Small features exist for a variety of reasons and can require an excessive amount of elements or inhibit mesh generation all together.

CADfix can help doing this work by automating the defeaturing process and select geometry by feature without any history of construction of the native source model.

Batch defeaturing functionnalities are :

  • Automatically detect and remove holes according to types (blind, through, complex, ...), cross-section (circular, non circular, ...) and maximum diameter size
  • Automatically detect and remove fillets according a maximum radius, a minimum radius and type (constant or variable)
  • Automatically detect and remove chamfer according to setback distance or angle
  • Automatically detect and remove protrusion according to cross-section (circular, non-circular, ...) and size

Interactive defeaturing functionnalities are :

  • Search and remove all features above using find & confirm dialog panel
  • Select features by tangency (fillets, chamfers, ...) or by box selection tools (protrusion, text mark, ...) and remove features