CAD Translation, Healing and Repair with CADfix

CAD Translation, Healing and Repair with CADfix

CADfix offers numerous translation, healing & repair advantages:

  • A range of tools to repair automatically or interactively a model to get a sewn solid.
  • Multiple CAD imports
  • Batch processing
  • Intelligent model quality diagnostics and repair
  • Automatic processing Wizards
  • User-controlled model defeaturing
  • Interactive fixing tools
  • Multiple CAD/CAE exports

The CADfix workflow accommodates novice, occasional and experienced users. Translations and repairs requiring manual intervention can be completed with minimal effort:

  • Diagnostic results are explained and illustrated in clear, accessible language
  • Problems are color-coded according to severity
  • Users are guided through a choice of solutions
  • Model diagnostics are automatically updated after each repair

CADfix scenario