Focused primarily in the 3D CAD model, the protection of intellectual properties (IP) is a critical problem when sharing data with partners (subcontractors, customers, suppliers ...). Generally, traditional Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions do not prevent user abuse or error, and can lead to the loss of sensitive data to unauthorized recipients. You will find below the various features developed in our CAD solutions that effectively protect your intellectual properties.

IP Protection and Control with Proficiency

Proficiency includes programmatic control on what product design data is imported and exported, providing complete intellectual property (IP) protection when sharing or delivering your models. A process template provides multiple levels of control and granularity of design information, such as feature definition and history, to be exchanged. Source data, complete with feature history can be visualized to determine robustness of models to be exchanged without requiring access to the authoring CAD system.

Intellectual Property Protection with DEXcenter

Protecting valuable product data is a critical business function. Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) or Proprietary Information Agreements (PIA) between yourself and partners are frequently used to help ensure critical business data is not disclosed inappropriately. But often these agreements are managed differently throughout an organization or allowed to lapse. Both situations expose your business to losses.

Suppress unwanted or confidential geometry with 3DViewStation

3DViewStation provides tools to automatically remove components or geometries that you do not need or that you want to protect intellectual property. First of all, when importing the CAD model, 3DViewStation allows to open many native CAD formats (Catia, NX, Creo, STEP ...) by filtering the hidden geometry, types of entities or attributes. After opening, a second cleaning can be done by filter selection. The search can be parameterized according to the name, an attribute, a type of geometry or a color. Finally, the visibility test tool scans the model from different angles and eliminates all non-visible parts automatically and parts smaller than a defined threshold. If you choose the option "keep original", the comparison tool will allow to quickly check the geometries thus eliminated.

Thanks to these functionalities, 3DViewStation makes it possible to quickly lighten CAD models which can then be exported in different neutral formats (STEP, JT, PDF ...) and safety shared with your partners.