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Attributes of Markups, automatically added

3DViewStation is a CAD tool equipped with features that streamline the visualization and analysis of 3D models. One of its standout capabilities is the option to either import or establish attributes for your models.

The Significance of Attributes in CAD Models

Attributes play a pivotal role in CAD models. They serve as a reservoir for additional information regarding the model's components. Such details might encompass aspects like the part's name, the material it's made of, its creation date, and technical specifications. Through attributes, you can glean vital insights for manufacturing, product management, and maintenance.

Attributes and Their Role in Product Lifecycle Management

Moreover, attributes bridge the gap between CAD models and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) systems. PLM systems oversee the entire lifecycle of a product, from its inception to its sunset. Attributes allow CAD models to be seamlessly integrated into PLM systems, delivering crucial data for management processes, including the bill of materials, cost estimations, and traceability data.

Standardized Attributes: Ensuring Data Consistency

By employing standardized attributes, one can assure uniformity of data across diverse systems. Such uniformity bolsters collaboration among various teams and minimizes error risks. Furthermore, attributes render data more approachable and intelligible for end-users, paving the way for informed decision-making and operation planning.

Importing Native CAD Files into 3DViewStation

When you upload native CAD files into 3DViewStation, extracting attributes formulated by the original CAD system or the PLM system becomes a breeze. This proves especially advantageous when dealing with files sourced from an array of CAD systems.

Customizing and Leveraging Attributes in 3DViewStation

With 3DViewStation's APIs or its csv file import feature, you can append custom attributes to your models. You can also generate attributes, such as physical properties. Once your attributes are in place or imported, they can be utilized for visualization, geometry filtering, or generating bills of materials.

In conclusion, 3DViewStation not only provides a robust platform for 3D model visualization and analysis but also introduces a paradigm shift in the realm of CAD attributes. By recognizing the value of attributes in various stages of product management and offering flexible, user-friendly tools to manage them, 3DViewStation solidifies its position as an indispensable tool for professionals in the field. Whether you're seeking seamless integration with PLM systems or striving for consistency across multiple CAD systems, 3DViewStation has you covered.