Attributes of Markups, automatically added

Import or Create Attributs in your CAD Models with 3DViewStation

3DViewStation can import attributes from native CAD files. These attributes are generally created by the designer, from the CAD system. Through our APIs, 3DViewStation users can also add custom attributes, which will be read back into any system, such as a PLM or ERP, or exported to a neutral file. For some projects, we have also developed 3DViewStation plugins, which allow you to add, modify or delete attributes. Reading and merging attributes of multiple files can be useful in cases where they come from multiple systems and direct integration with multiple systems would be too complicated. As with CAD software, customers want to know by whom and when a note was created or changed. This is why we allow to automatically add attributes to annotations. Presets can be defined for each attribute. For example, the variables we provide by default are name, date and time.