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Model simplification in CAD is a pivotal issue in the world of design and conceptualization. CADfix, with its cutting-edge tools, emerges as a key player in this realm. Watch this video to explore how CADfix enables the streamlining of a small engine CAD assembly.

The video showcases the interactive removal and weight reduction of a small engine CAD assembly. With CADfix's tools, users can optimize and reduce the CAD models.

Video Key Points

The video features a test model, a small Acis file of just 2.6 megabytes, but significant for demonstrating certain simplification tools. The essential elements covered in this video are:

  • Assembly Complexity: An assembly containing 36 bodies with unnecessary parts such as bolts and holes.
  • Initial Removal Efforts: The initial attempt to remove small bodies proves to be excessive, requiring adjustments.
  • Model Dimensions: The model is only 153 millimeters long.
  • Hole Removal: Tools enable filtering and removing holes based on their type and size.
  • Complex Element Simplification: The potential to simplify complex elements like a cooling fin into a basic shape.
  • Single-click Internal Component Removal: The ability to remove internal components in one click.
  • Exporting and Size Reduction: The capability to export and reduce the assembly size by half.

In summary, CADfix proves to be an invaluable tool for preparing CAD models for any simplification process. Its advanced features allow for significant size reduction and simplification of assemblies without compromising quality or model integrity.