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NX is a powerful CAD system developed by Unigraphics / Siemens PLM. It is used by professionals in various industries to create and edit digital designs of different products, ranging from small components to large assemblies. One of the main strengths of NX is its interoperability capability, which allows users to exchange data seamlessly with other CAD systems.

NX supports a wide range of file formats, including its own native formats and neutral formats. Native formats used in NX include .prt for part, assembly and drawing files, .fem for finite element files, .sim for simulation files, .afm for FEM assembly files and .udf for user-defined feature files. These formats are specifically designed for use in the NX system and offer a high level of functionality and performance.

In addition to its native formats, NX also supports a range of neutral formats. These formats are widely used in industry and allow data to be exchanged between different CAD systems. Some of the neutral formats supported by NX include JT, IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, Solid Edge, Parasolid, and PLMXML.

  • JT is a format developed by Siemens PLM and is widely used for 3D visualization and collaboration.
  • IGES is an industry standard format used for the exchange of 2D and 3D CAD data.
  • DXF and DWG are AutoCAD file formats widely used in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries.
  • STEP is an ISO standard format used for the exchange of CAD data between different systems.
  • Solid Edge and Parasolid are formats developed by Siemens PLM and are widely used in the manufacturing industry.
  • PLMXML is an XML-based format used for the exchange of product lifecycle management data.

With support for these native and neutral formats, NX offers a good level of interoperability with other CAD systems. This allows users to collaborate with colleagues and partners who may use different software. The ability to exchange data seamlessly between systems also allows for greater flexibility in the design process, allowing users to choose the best tools for each task and ensuring they can work effectively and efficiently.

In summary, NX is a CAD system developed by Unigraphics/Siemens PLM. NX supported native or neutral formats are JT, IGES, DXF, DWG, STEP, Solid Edge, Parasolid, PLMXML. NX file extensions are :
.prt (Part, Assembly, Drawing)
.fem (Finit Element)
.sim (simulation)
.afm (FEM Assembly)
.udf (user defined feature)

CAD Interop distributes several Softwares to view, translate and validate NX files. Find below the list of our solutions compatible with NX:


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